Listen To “Incredible” On USA Today!

2013/10/28 10:00AM Canada (English)

Listen to Celine's new song "Incredible" featuring Ne-Yo, on USA Today! Celine’s new album ‘Loved Me Back To Life’ is available for pre-order at The Boutique.

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Incridible is incridible song <3 I love so much Celine Smile

This song is incredible!!!!!

"Loved me back to life" is an incredible album.

I don't like Ne-Yo's voice, but this photo is really ... incredible. Love it!

I love this picture !

Using just one word...
Celine you will go down in history!!!!! You have most definately given us something AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! Laughing out loud
Only 8 more days left to wait Smile!!!!!!!!
I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!
Btw Celine is on access Hollywood tonight don't miss it Smile

OMG I cannot wait to get the new album, she is amazing, and yes INCREDIBLE!

Just one thing to say : INCREDIBLE!!