Lindt Gold Bunny Autographed by Celine Up for Auction!

2012/03/16 3:00AM Canada (English)

Once again this year, the Lindt chocolate makers are organizing a Gold Bunny Celebrity Auction to raise money for Autism Speaks. Seventy-five celebrities, including Celine, from the entertainment, culinary and sport worlds have signed porcelain versions of the famous bunny. These signed bunnies are being auctioned off on eBay. All funds raised will be donated to Autism Speaks, a global organization dedicated to research, awareness, promoting, and defending the rights of persons with autism. You have until Sunday to place your bid!

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Celine has graciously donated one of her gorgeous gowns to the Montreal Oral School for the Deaf's online charity auction. The school is raising funds for its parent-infant program, to help children with hearing loss at the most critical stage of their language acquisition. Now you can own this amazing gown yourself by bidding online at: All proceeds will go directly to the school.

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O coelho autografado por Celine é lindo, eu quero!

The rabbit autographed by Celine is beautiful, I want!

Want this bunny, so cute Smile

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When i read for these auctions i read also Celine's name!!! That's All!!!Love you Celine Smile