Last Week To See Celine In Las Vegas

2013/08/26 2:00AM Canada (English)

This is your last chance to see Celine in Las Vegas before the end of the summer! This week, Celine will perform her last four summer shows. She’ll return to the stage at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace on Monday, December 30! Click here to get tickets.

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Celine's new album and I'm very anxious to hear more about it SmileAbout us

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My dream is see Celine in Vegas <3

Dear Celine:)
Hi Celine i dont know if you are ever able to read this but my name is Leah and I'm from Ohio (USA) and I just want to let you know how privalaged it is to have you as an idle you have inspired me in so many ways and I can't thank you enough! I don't know where else I can i ask you this but let me just say this when I went to see you in Vegas (it was my very first time seeing you perform) you by far made it the best night of my life plus meeting your husband outside the colosseum doors was something I wasn't expecting at all Smile!!!!! Seeing you was a dream come true but the thing is I would love to have the opportunity to see you perform your french songs too I absolutely love your french songs especially Les petit pied de Lea, a cause, and Je Crois toi but the sad thing is we where not able to make it to your Une seule fois concert in Quebec and we can't afford to go to Antwerp or Paris to see perform your french either so I was just wondering if you would ever maybe think about doing a french concert here in the USA or maybe again in Quebec someday me and so many other of your English fans would love to have a chance to see you perform your french songs that haven't gotten to yet it will be a dream come true
And if Celine isnt able to read this will you team Celine maybe show it to her or tell her about! But if not then i completely understand! i would just love to have the amazing opportunity to see Celine perform her french songs though
I love you so much Celine!
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this Smile
Merci beaucoup Smile

hallo celine on 23june 2013(vegas Colosseum at Caesars Palace ) I have a book about Antw (belguim)
issued to patrick (security guard) have received your book???

"city antw"

We`re waiting for you Celine in Georgia <3 Please arrive

Many Kisses From Georgia

I can't wait for Celine to come to Europe in November!!!!
I can't also wait for the new english album!! <3

That's great and I can't wait till she's back in Vegas but we already know that September 1st is her last Vegas Concert and that she will be back on December 30th and will last until mid-late March
then she will be back in June and will end sometime around August or September etc... Unless she plans on doing something different then her vegas show like a tour or something! My point is we already know this please post things that we don't know like about more details about the album new music videos a DVD release of Une Seule Fois or broadcasting dates for other places in the world etc... And maybe you can put this kind of info off on the side of the page so everyone can see it everyday and save the what's going on posts for info on the new album like when it will be released is celine planning on doing any shows for her album like she did for Sans Attendre on TVA what celine has to say about her album and songs etc... I am really excited about Celine's new album and I'm very anxious to hear more about it Smile
Thank You! Smile