Join Celine And Help The Philippines

2013/11/20 4:00AM Canada (English)

Help Celine and Music for Relief raise funds to support relief efforts to the Philippines after the devastation from Typhoon Haiyan, possibly one of the strongest storms recorded in history. US fans can make a donation and win a chance to see Celine. Anyone who donates $32 or more will be entered to win two tickets and a meet and greet with Celine at any one of her Las Vegas shows.
Canadian residents can make a donation to the Canadian Red Cross through iTunes. 100% of the proceeds pass through to Red Cross Canada.
Join Celine and support this cause! The Philippines need your help!

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Hi Celine I just red this now. Anyway thanks for giving a hand to my fellow country men in Philippines. Their lives were slowly rebuilding again now. Thank you so much for your help and for reaching us here through your generosity and prayers. Again From all people in PHILIPPINES specially your FANS IN PHILIPPINES, WE THANK YOU FROM OUR HEART FOR YOUR KINDNESS AS ALWAYS Smile Were Hoping to have you visit Manila, Philippines too in your Asia Tour this fall 2014. Through that we can give back our HEARTFELT THANK YOU FOR YOU AND TO THE REST OF TEAMCELINE. YOUR FAN E.H

Thank you Celine! Celine4ever! I'm your #1 fan from the u!

Thank you. =)

That's why I adore & respect her so much!

@Leah-M_ILuvUCelineD... thanks for the support, that's really appreciated friend...

Celine thanks for this effort, it means a lot to us, specially your Filipino fans....

Thank you, Celine, for your generosity to assist our brothers and sisters in the Philippines. I still have a lot of family members that live there. After the storm, we were awaiting news about and from family members. It took several days to hear from some. My mother's side of the family are well...they were north of the eye. However, still today, we have not yet heard from my dad's family...unfortunately, they were in the eye of the storm. Again, thank you for your help...asking for your prayers.

As a performer myself, I am contacting local talent to assist me with a benefit concert to support this much-needed cause.

Much gratitude for all that you do, prayers and blessings for your ongoing journey, and love & hugs just because...

marie a. garton
canton, ohio

<3 marie
Follow your dream...follow your heart...follow your passion...believe in yourself...
And make a soul at a you share your dream...your passion...

I have already helped my countrymen by giving and helping in packing relief goods for them but meeting Celine is another issue!!! I want to donate to the fund raising campaign to meet Celine!!! But unfortunately, I knew i cant.


I would help and Donate money to the the Philippines no matter if this was a contest to see Celine or not someone made a comment on here telling about happened and posted some pictures and plus I saw it on the news and it is devistating!!!!!!! I promise I will get the money in as soon as I can Smile that goes for everyone else!! Please if you can please donate as much money to help the Philippines they need our help!!! Thank you Smile