Jean-Marc Couture Opening for “Céline…une seule fois”

2013/06/13 5:00AM Canada (English)

Jean-Marc Couture, winner of Star Académie 2012, will be opening for Celine’s exceptional one-night only concert on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec on July 27. He will be accompanied by Valérie Carpentier, winner of the first season of La Voix, Andrée-Anne Leclerc and Mélissa Bédard, Star Académie 2012 finalists and Wilfred Le Bouthillier, winner of Star Académie 2003! Celine and Jean-Marc Couture performed a duet on the Céline… Sans attendre television special broadcast on TVA, celebrating Celine’s latest album ‘Sans attendre’.

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I wish I could be in Quebec to see Celine in the plains.

Can't wait to see the concert on youtube! Smile