J’irais où tu iras

2014/01/22 4:00AM Canada (English)

The song that Celine and Jean-Marc Couture performed together during the ‘Céline… une seule fois’ concert was “J’irais où tu iras”. This song, written and composed by Jean-Jacques Goldman, can be found on Celine’s ‘D’eux’ album. It was with Jean-Jacques Goldman that Celine first recorded this duet and it’s a song that she’s performed many times on stage. Have you had the chance to see Celine sing “J’irais où tu iras” live? Where was this?

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I saw the performance of this song the 30th November in Paris-Bercy!
It was an incredible one Smile
I love you Celine so much <3

I have seen in Paris December 5. Amazing show, amazing voice! Thank you Celine! God bless you and your family:)

I don't like this song

very good performance IN "Incredible"! I would like to see the Official VIDEOCLIP. Pleace!!! VIDEOCLIP OFFICIAL!! PLEASEEE!!!!

A videoclip!!!!!

Yes i have seen it in Antwerp on 21/11/2013 ! Smile I love you Céline <3

I was at one of the concerts in Antwerp and one in Paris last year. This song was performed in both cities in a duet with her bass player Marc Langis. Fantastic performances! Smile

I have seen in Bercy in 2013 )))

Alena Flying

no Sad not yet, but hopefully someday I will!!!!! Laughing out loud