I Want You To Need Me

2014/07/24 3:00AM Canada (English)

Did you guess the song yesterday? The lyrics are from “I Want You To Need Me” from the album ‘All The Way… A Decade Of Song’, released in 2000. This track was the third single from the album and was yet another successful collaboration between Celine and songwriter Diane Warren. Did you know that several club versions were created for this song by a team of producers by the name of Thunderpuss?

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The lyrics of this song are so beautiful! I recognized them immediately! Smile

Perfection as always.

Thank you I literally stayed up all night last night making it, which I posted on my Celine Facebook page (Celine Dion, My Inspiration and Yours) and then today I added the Celine is my angel and the little wings part to it and made it as my signature for here and for the Celine Dion Forum Laughing out loud
I don't mean to brag or anything, but I'm really proud of it lol Wink

I like this song too. @Leah, nice signature! Good job on making that!! Pretty!

I love this song and video so much Laughing out loud
and how do you like my new signature?? Laughing out loud I made it my self Laughing out loud