How Do You Celebrate Celine’s Birthday?

2014/03/25 1:06PM Canada (English)

Celine will be celebrating her birthday on Sunday. As a fan, how do you celebrate this special day? Have you ever created something special in honour of Celine’s birthday? Will you be doing something this year? If so, we want to see it! Share your special birthday creations with other members in our TeamCeline Forum!

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My best friends and I went to a restaurant and played every single Celine song that the jukebox had. Eventually non-celine fans we're getting angry, but we didn't care! She is the queen after-all Wink

Nothing really special. All night party, with birthday cake and good spirit Smile Smile Smile

I started the day listening to her very first album, "La voix du bon dieu" and I will keep on listening to her music all day, choosing some of the most important albums of her career like "D'eux", "Let's Talk About Love", "Falling Into You" or "The Colour Of My Love" and at the end of the day I'll listen to her latest album, "Loved Me Back To Life". Laughing out loud. And, of course, I will think about her all day, but I do this anyway Wink

I'm going to make Celine Dion Birthday cake special, for her Birthday I'll trying to listen all of her music in that day, pray for Celine's family, career, and her whole life, and ready for the Birthday present Laughing out loud

Clarisa Celiniac

Drinking coffe with Céline!!

celinecafesito_001.jpg134.88 KB

I'm going to listen to her songs all day, watch my DVDs of her, sketch her in my sketchbook, sing Happy Birthday for her... yeah.

I love you, Celine! Smile

Yep! We have something special for her birthday. You´ll see. We´re coming!

I'm gonna just sit at home and listen to her music whole day and at night I'm light up my hole house with candle wit my girl friend (power of love )

I usually bake a cake with love and I eat it for her so much health and so much happiness. She deserves so much love!
God bless you, Celine! Xoxo

I Love You Celine,
Neli, Bulgaria ♥

Yes please release the music video for incredible Laughing out loud we've been waiting for so long!!!!!

Please release the

"Incredible" music video

to celebreate this special day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love You Celine!!!!!!!

i love celine, i like her songs so much. on the day of her birthday i will sing her songs here at home as a celebration of her special day. happy birthday celine, may you have a great and blessed day with your family.

I'm gonna buy a cake and put some candles on it and blow them out
to do something in common with my sweet celine and have fun
and I'm gonna wish more joy and happiness and luck for her
Thank God for giving this angel to us

Listening to her CD's and maybe watch my "A New Day"..."Taking Chances" or "Through the Eyes of the World".DVD's and wishing I could be with her at her Birthday celebration...How amazing would that be??...I Love you Celine...Because of you, there are little "Celines" all around the world!!!!! I met a little Celine with her parents and brother she was about 9-10 months old and she looked like she was enjoying the

Well since Celines birthday is on Mother's Day this year , I will be spending the day spoiling my mom! But of course I will think of Celine on the day and wish her a fantastic birthday , I hope she has a great day celebrating with family and friends! It would be really great if she won some of the awards she is nominated for at the junos since it falls on her birthday too.
Misslaiken congratulations on the birth of your little girl , you picked a beatiful name for her:-)

Well I was hoping to give birth to my baby girl but she entered this world on monday my beautiful celine Elsie Margaret may yanner so I guess we will be celebrating celines birthday together. We love u celine

And I will have a birthday of my mother on this saturday. Happy birthday Celine!!!

Alena Flying

I'm actually going out to eat on the night of Celine's birthday Laughing out loud its a new family tradition we started this year that every last Sunday of the month the whole family on my dads side goes out to eat Laughing out loud and when I saw that the last Sunday of the month was the 30 I'm like o my gosh I'm going out to eat on Celine's birthday Wink but of course before that I'll wish her a happy birthday, I'll listen to her music all day watch her movies watch her interviews online, maybe convince my parents to take me to see Muppets most wanted again since next week is spring break and I won't have to worry about school the next morning Laughing out loud and course I will think about her all day, wondering how her day has been and hoping that it is the best one ever Laughing out loud (which I know it will be)
I love you so much Celine and happy early Birthday!!!!!!!!!! Laughing out loud

I will watch my DVDs of Celine, A New Day live in Las Vegas and Taking Chances Tour and Through The Eyes of The World

I've sent Celine drawn artwork of herself with her musical idol, Frank Sinatra, plus I learned from her Live Las Vegas DVD that she likes frogs, so I drew a portrait of her sitting in a park in Springtime with a stuffed frog. She receives so much mail I could only keep my fingers crossed and hope that she actually saw them, but Celine did respond once to a letter that I sent so deep down I know she probably did. I'll be celebrating her birthday by wearing her "Loved me back to Life" t-shirt and either listening to her Greatest hits CD or watching her "New Day" in Vegas DVD. As a fan I have to admit that I celebrate Celine every day by keeping her in my thoughts...but her birthday is extra-special.Smile

happy birthday dear Celine!
I hope you have a long life and full of success.
You're the best.
I love you!