How Celine Helped Vincent Niclo

2013/07/22 2:00AM Canada (English)

French singer Vincent Niclo will be the opening act for Celine’s concerts in Paris on November 25, 26, 29, 30 and December 1 and 4. In a recent interview, the French artist explains that this opportunity came to him after he appeared as a guest on a French television special ‘Céline Dion: le grand show’ which aired in November 2012. Celine taped the show while promoting her latest album ‘Sans attendre’. Vincent also talks about how the show changed his career and how Celine is helping him cope with the pressures of performing at Paris Bercy. Tickets for the December 4 concert are still available in sections 1, 2 and carré Or.

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Hey sorry this is off topic but can anyone PLEASE tell me when the 2013 world music awards are and where! the last time I heard anything about it is when Team Celine posted that Celine has been nominated in 4 categories and that was months ago. so please if anyone knows when and where the 2013 world music awards are, will you please let me know as soon as you can?!
thank you so much Smile

that's so cool I wish I could go to one of those concerts and see!
and that is no surprise that Celine is helping Vincent Niclo with performing
your amazing Celine Bravo Wink!!!!!
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