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Help Baby Kate

2011/07/21 3:00AM Canada (English)
Celine’s friends at Coty work very closely with DKMS (a charity that supports the fight against leukemia). They recently sent us this very touching story about baby girl Kate who is fighting for her life. Please check out the family’s blog at We are hoping that someone out there is able to help. For more information on how to help, please go to

Comments for this News article

My son Ryan was 15 1/2 when he lost his life to Leukemia. That was 12 years ago on August 1, 2011. He is in my thoughts every minute of every day. I believe that because of him and the protocols he took for his cancer, that other children along the way have been helped. His youngest brother, Ian, was his bone marrow donor. He was eight years old at the time. One of Ryan's favourite subjects was the Titanic. He loved the movie and the song by Celine Dion. I am so happy that I am going to be going to her concert in Las Vegas on August 10. I am taking my boyfriend for his 60th birthday. I know that Ryan will be with us when Walter and I will be watching and listening because I feel he is always around us.
It is so much easier today to be tested for being a bone marrow donor. You used to have to get a blood test AND pay for the test. Now all you have to do is swab the inside of your mouth with 4 swabs and send it much easier does it get to possibly be the one to save another person's life. I hope that this baby does very well. My heart truly goes out to her family.
I don't want another mother to live with a broken heart as I do every day of my life.

How unfair.. This beautiful innocent girl has been suffering from cancer?
I will be praying because I believe that giving up your struggle to cancer is the worst way to pass away. And I hate knowing that there are a lot other sufferers around the world. People, just imagine how many "Kate"s exist trying to deal with such problems against cancer...

♡ Mon amour, il n'en tient qu'à nous de nous aimer plus fort!♡

Prayers for her family i know how she feels a friends 13 yr old daughter is battling leukemia and she has been through alot


that is terrible i dont understand whay an inocent baby girl has to suffer like this. i wish i could help i have wanted to do all i can to help whith blood drives and swabbes but iam only 15.


God bless this child

The best voice that my ears have heard.There are no words to describe Celine Dion! *6NV03*

OMG it's one little girl WHY?????????????? I WISH this baby recover soon!!!!!!!