Happy Birthday René-Charles!

2013/01/25 4:00AM Canada (English)

Today René-Charles, Celine and René’s eldest son, turns twelve years old. Happy birthday René-Charles! TeamCeline members, make sure you send René-Charles your birthday wishes in the special thread on the TeamCeline Forum.

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Happy Birthday RC!!!!! <3

Elle <3

Happy Birthday my prince René-Charles!!!!!! have a nice birthday <3


Happy Birthday René-Charles, Congratulations Smile

Happy Birthday René-Charles!! Party

Happy Birthday RC... you have been blessed with the greatest parents on earth and like wise they have been blessed to have you...12years old... wow you have a whole lifetime ahead of you to do great things...I'm sure, like your mom, whatever you set your mind to do, you will succeed greatly in life... best wishes today and always ...I hope you're having a wonderful birthday

Happy birthday RC! I wish you the best birthday ever <3 you're finally 12! Ahh , you're growing up so fast.. Time flies so quickly! You have such blessed parents to have you in their life's and I know that they are both very proud of you (: have an amazing day ! We all love you so dearly

Celine, youre my world, my life, my everything! I simply adore you so much <3 #celinish

een gelukkige verjaardag gewenst aan u oudste zoon

Happy Birthday René-Charles!!!<3 <3

Happy Birthday Rene-Charles!!!! You have the greatest mother ever!!!!

Happy Birthday RC!!!!

Happy Birthday, Rene-Charles! Best wishes on your birthday and throughout the coming year. God Bless you!

First of all, happy birthday RC.

With that out of the way, we can move on.

A few months ago the people who run this site saw the annoyance of many Celine fans in response to the constant puff pieces posted here, as opposed to genuine album information. It's troubling enough that we're nearing the six year mark since her last Angolphone record. Water and a Flame has had so many delays, one wonders if it's even close to completion. No, "soon" isn't an acceptable answer. Celine's fans bought Sans attendre and helped her "rule" Nielsen and Billboard charts in 2012. Shouldn't the fans at-large be treated with a little more respect and given some news to chew on while we await a new English language album? I understand that the people who run this site are probably not the ones responsible for the album, when it comes out, and what's going to be on it. But if someone could ask the people who are responsible for it, and throw us a bone, that would be great.

Again, all this does is reinforce the notion that Celine's team just wants everyone to flock to Vegas. Why spend $15 on an album when you can spend $100 on a concert ticket, right? One hopes that this delay might mean that new, original material is being recorded to supplement the album, but that may just be a pipe dream. We've heard it all before about fans wanting to buy songs they heard in the show. Well that's a cute story. But I'm not going to the Celine show. Most of her fans are, in fact, not going to the Celine show. Believe it or not, a lot of people these days can't buy round trip plane tickets, hotel fare, and a triple-digit-price concert ticket. So we don't care about Rolling In The Deep or Open Arms. Which brings me to another point, that this whole misadventure would be somewhat more amenable if the concept of the show held together thematically as it was promised in the hype leading up to its premiere. The idea was tackling classic Hollywood film themes. If Celine wanted to record an album of 14-16 songs in this vein, which full orchestral backing, and true thematic consistency... it still wouldn't be original material after years of waiting, but at least it would be an artistic project that merited attention. The way Water and a Flame has been talked about, it sounds slapdash and ill-planned. Again, maybe this time is being taken to think things through a little further, but if you check out the major Celine forums, there's a lot of doubt with regards to that.

Can we please have some solid information to prove us wrong?

happy birthday R.C.

Happy birthday René Charles!!!!!! Smile Have a nice birthday !!!

Happy Birthday RC, I bet your mom and dad are super proud of you. Have a great day and may all your birthday wishes come true!

Celine saved my life <3

Happy Birthday Rene-Charles ^^

Happy Birthday ,Rene-Charles!!!
Wish you all the best!

Happy birthday dear RC.........May all your dreams come true!!!!!!1111

Happy Birthday René-Charles
I wish you all the best Smile

Happy Birthday Rene-Charles....hope all your dreams come true,have a great day xx

"Je Cherche l'Ombre"

Happy Birthday,Rene-Charles!
Best wishes for a very happy birthday!