Happy Birthday René!

2014/01/16 4:00AM Canada (English)

Today is Celine's husband and manager, René Angélil's birthday. René was considering putting his career in show business behind him and returning to law school when Celine's brother, Michel called him and demanded that he listen to Celine's demo tape. Michel told René that it could change his life. After listening to the tape 10 minutes later, René called Michel back to arrange a meeting and the rest is history!! Happy birthday René!
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Happy Birthday Rene! I wish you all the best Smile

Bonjour MR René, aujourd'hui est un jour important pour vous,
J'espère de tout coeur que vous serez chouaillé & que Vos proches vous feront d'énormes surprises,
J'imagine que pour vous surprendre il va falloir se surpasser,
Car vous devez avoir tout ce que vous souhaitez,
En tout cas le principal c'est d'être entouré de ses proches, Céline bien sûr, vos 3 petits gars, RC-Eddy & Nelson ainsi que vos enfants Jean-pierre, Patrick & Anne-marie et vos petits enfants.
Bref Très Heureux Anniversaire @ vous,
Je vous envoie pleins de gros gros becs de France & plus précisément de la région de la Champagne.
Une autre Céline qui 3 gars mais pas de nouveau show.

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Céline Véd'

Happy Birthday Rene...It was my pleasure to meet you at the Colosseum twice, first in 2011, I didn't see you in 2012 and then again last Aug 2013 When I first met you, you were so kind. I showed you this photo of my mom when she was 16(My profile picture here) and you said she was beautiful... thank you for that.... she died Mar 24th the morning after the academy awards in 1998 and that Celine was the last voice she heard before she passed away... thank you for hoping things get better for me because they have since I started seeing Celine live in 2009...I'm also happy you & Celine share December 17th with my mom...it was her birthday...This is a great photo of you & Celine!!!!! I hope you had a wonderful birthday...and I hope to see you again in Aug

my twitter @Angelilfans and my other one @CelineDion_fan

Your N1 fan ❤ UK, I love you Celine always . Zaynah ❤

Bonne fete René

Your N1 fan ❤ UK, I love you Celine always . Zaynah ❤

OMG!!! Happy Birthday Rene!!!!! You are a wonderful father and husband!!!! I pray and hope you have the best possible day!!!!!!

Elle <3

Joyeux anniversaire, happy birthday René. I wish you lots of happiness and health, Céline needs you, we need you! Thank you for always taking care of her, on t'aime René.

Julia =}

Happy Birthday René! Wink
Thank you for everything you've done for Celine and as a great man you are for her!!!

I Love You Celine And I'm Proud Of It!

Happy Birthday Rene...have a great day with Celine and your children xx.

"Je Cherche l'Ombre"

Happy birthday Rene
thank you so much for helping Celine

Happy Birthday René! Feliç aniversari René! Feliz cumpleaños René!

Thank you so much for helping to Celine to be the star who is now! I'm happy to see you together. I wish you a happy day with Celine and your sons.

Best wishes


Gaudeix del moment!

Happy birthday Rene and thank you so much for making Celine the person and singer she is today Laughing out loud and I really enjoyed meeting you in Vegas on June 19 2013 outside the colosseum doors while I was waiting to go in Smile and it was also my very first Celine concert ever so what a privilege and surprise that was Smile
Happy birthday Rene and have a great day today!!!!! Laughing out loud