Happy Birthday Paul and Pauline!

2014/04/03 3:00AM Canada (English)

Today is Celine's brother and sister, Paul and Pauline's birthday. Paul and Pauline are twins and are the twelfth and thirteenth children in the Dion family. Pauline remembers Celine as a very joyful little girl who loved to dress up differently all the time! Paul recalls that at Christmas time, he and Celine used to write songs together. Paul would compose the music and Celine would write the lyrics. Happy Birthday Paul and Pauline!

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Happy birthday Paul and Pauline Laughing out loud I used to dress up all the time too Laughing out loud I would wear so many different crazy things all at once and if I find a picture ill post it lol Laughing out loud

Happy Birthday to both of you Smile

Happy Birthday Paul and Pauline!
I wish be a wonderful day!