Happy Birthday Nelson and Eddy!

2013/10/23 3:00AM Canada (English)

Today, Celine’s beautiful baby boys, Nelson and Eddy, turn 3! Happy Birthday Nelson and Eddy and congratulations to Céline, René and René-Charles!! TeamCeline members, make sure you send your birthday wishes to the twins in the special thread inside the Forum!

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Time flies really really so fast. it seems like yesterday when they had their first breathe! Happy Birthday Eddy and Nelson, we all hoped that you will be like your mom, a kind person.

Happy Birthday to Nelson & Eddy...can't believe it's three years already. xx

"Je Cherche l'Ombre"

Happy Birthday Nelson and Eddy ... Two crazy toddlers Smile

Happy Birthday to me ! They've been stealing my thunder for 3 years now ! Hahaha Smile

It's incredible how time really flies!
Happy birthday Nelson and Eddy! Smile

On the day of the birth of Eddy and Nelson I wish you much health, smile and joy and the blessing of God and guardian angel!

Monika Ogórek, Zabrze, Poland

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Happy Birthday baby boys!!!!! you are amazing little boys and i hope you have the most amazing birthday sweeties!!! Je t'aime!! <3

Elle <3

Happy Birthday small twins!! I am a twins! <3 <3 Sexy Wink

Happy Birthday to those little angel boys of yours Nelson & Eddy!! They are so sweet and they have the most beautiful, loving, and caring family. I love watching you sing to them. You are a beautiful person Celine inside and out. Celebrate with hugs & kisses for those sweet lil ones of yours turning 3yrs old today Smile bet they are keeping you all on your toes. Your long time fan: michellelynn


Happy birthday Nelson and Eddy
wish u all the best
May you grow like your father
you can protect your mom for her a whole life
May you be clever
And have a blessing day..
Jesus bless you

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Celine ,I love you.

Happy Birthday ,Nelson and Eddy!!!!!
And Congratulations to Celine , René and René-Charles!!!!!

Wish you all the Best in the World !!!!!



"city antw"

Happy 3rd birthday Nelson and Eddy Smile ... always be the pride of your parents smile ..

from tyas .. Celine Dion fans from Indonesia

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I'm Tyas .. Celine Dion Fans from Indonesia ..

Happy 3rd birthday nelson and eddy Smile u 2 are very privileged to have someone like Celine as your mom Wink!!!!!

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