Happy Birthday Manon!

2013/10/07 3:00AM Canada (English)

Today we celebrate Celine's sister Manon's birthday. They both share a passion for travel. Manon will never forget Celine's first trip: at 14, she traveled to Florida with their parents. Manon has now traveled all over the world with Celine, acting as a personal assistant, most recently during the Taking Chances World Tour.

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happy birthday Manon! Smile

your birthday is 10 days before mine
i will be 16 on the 17th Smile!!!! im so excited
happy birhday again Manon Laughing out loud!!!!!

Happy birthday Manon!! Wink



Happy birthday Manon!!!!
God bless you Smile

Happy birthday Manon Smile!!!!!
Let me just tell you you have quite a younger sister Laughing out loud!!!!!!
She is the best Smile and will u tell her I said that Smile!!!!!
Love from Leah #1 Fan Laughing out loud!!!!!

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