Happy Birthday Linda

2013/06/23 3:00AM Canada (English)

Today, is Linda's birthday. Linda is Celine's older sister and proud godmother to René-Charles, Nelson and Eddy. Happy Birthday Linda!

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Anticipation this birthday procures you many the felicity you can stay. Judge cycle to merely revel
you. teen birthday party ideas You are so same excellence it!!

Out of the 14 of them where is Linda like is she the 3rd oldest 4th oldest etc... ???

Happy Birthday Linda, We hope you have a Wonderful Birthday Smile

Joyeux Anniversaire Linda *_____*
Je te souhaite le mieux et que tu connaisse du bonheur au seine de ta famille ♥

Mis saludos para Linda,en verdad espero que haya pasado muy lindo junto a su familia,y muchos cariños a Celine que no pierdo las esperanzas de que algún día venga a Uruguay!!!

Thank you ILuvUCelineDion-5. It is one of my favorite pics. I hope to meet her someday. I went a few months back and it was the best experience of my life. I had to wait years to see her but it was worth every second and I can't wait to see her again. She was amazing! I also can't wait for her new album. I am so excited!

Happy Birthday Linda!!!! <3


Hay Birthday Linda, I hope it is for you a great day in search of new dreams!!
i love your sister Céline!

We will love Céline 4ever! Laughing out loud

Happy Birthday Linda hope you have an amazing day Smile!!!!!
wasn't Linda the one who took Rene-Charles to pet that snake in I think it was Australia during Celine's world tour in 2008?????
btw love your picture dave313 I was there a few days ago on the 19th of June Smile and loved every bit of it!!!!!

Happy Birthday!