Happy Birthday Daniel!

2013/11/29 4:00AM Canada (English)

Today is Celine’s brother, Daniel’s birthday. Daniel remembers one of Celine’s earlier performances, at the age of thirteen. As Celine sang, he watched the public’s reaction to her; this is when he realized that his sister would be a huge star!

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Happy birthday Daniel!!!! May all wishes go out to you and you were absolutely right when you said that Celine would become a huge star!!!!! Look at her now after an amazing 32 year career and she's still going!!!!! Celine will go on and on!!!!!
I really really think that Celine is the most amazing person who could ever live on this earth and I am more than thankful that God had put her in my life!!!! All of her songs and the person that she is has completely changed everything for me!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! Laughing out loud