Guess The Song

2014/07/23 10:30AM Canada (English)

Can you guess which Celine song the following lyrics are from?

I wanna be the face you see when you close your eyes
I wanna be the touch you need every single night
I wanna be your fantasy

Come back for the answer tomorrow!

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I Want You To Need Me Smile I love this song, it's one of my very favourites. I think the lyrics are great, especially this part:

I want to be your fantasy
And be your reality
And everything between

So easy, i want you to need me...

I Want You To Need Me..!! Smile

I Want You To Need Me Laughing out loud

I Want You To Need Me...good song!!!

I Want You To Need Me - Written by Diane Warren and is on her All the way a decade if song album (1999) Laughing out loud
Live (For the One I Love), Then You Look At Me, and I Want You To Need Me are my top Favotite songs from this album Laughing out loud

I love you Céline & Rene, I pray that you will get through this.
& please don't apologize, we all understand what you're going through
& that you need to be with Rene right now
I will always have all the love and respect for you both,
no matter what<3

I want you to need me Smile

I want you to need me! Laughing out loud

I want you to need me!
Love this song!