Guess The Song

2014/06/07 3:00AM Canada (English)

Can you guess which Celine song the following lyrics are from?

I would try to shield your innocence from time
but the part of life I gave you isn't mine
I've watched you grow, so I could let you go

Get the answer tomorrow!

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If I could! and I see it's already been answered!

If I could. Laughing out loud


If I Could!! Laughing out loud The song has very touching lyrics and Céline's interpretation is amazing, as always! Smile

If I could from the miracle album (2004) where Celine collaborated with Anne Gettes for a photo shoot with new born babies for this album Laughing out loud I love this album!!!!! My favorite songs from this are:
In some small way, my precious one (I love the ending), miracle, a mothers prayer, baby close your eyes, and if I could Laughing out loud
And I also love the love performance she did in Vegas on 2007 during her a new day show!!!!! Laughing out loud it makes me cry!!!!!

If I could. Taken from album : Miracle, 2004. Very beautiful song. Live version in " A new day... Live in Las Vegas. CD Version live : A new day... Live in Las Vegas, 2004 and DVD version : A new day... Live in Las Vegas, 2007.