A Good Weekend Deal: TeamCeline Polo Shirt

2013/10/19 3:00AM Canada (English)

Show your love for Celine by wearing the beautiful TeamCeline Polo Shirt, now at a lower price. Take advantage of a 15% discount on this shirt sold exclusively at The Boutique. This is a limited time offer so don’t delay, visit The Boutique today!

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N E W S ..........

use another section for the boutique and commercial stuff ..... please ......

"Knowing Celine's taste for fashion, how can you write that this polo is beautiful".
Good question, Brice Smile Maybe that's why it's only "a 'good' deal", not "great" Smile

Have you already pre-ordered your copy of Celine's upcoming brand new album "Loved Me Back To Life"? You can buy a standard version CD, and if you look for something even better, there's also deluxe edition containing two more tracks and stylish 'golden' box.

* for those who want to know how Celine's upcoming album deluxe edition cover looks like... instead of being persuaded to buy polo shirt from the Boutique.

You know after thinking about it I agree with You after all I really don't know why team Celine isn't telling us more about her new album and instead they are telling to buy these, I wouldn't say ugly shirts but somewhat decent and could look better, shirts, or anything else that is completely off topic and it is really annoying!
Please team Celine we are all begging you here we would love it if you would just let us in on so many amazing things about her album or what she's doing right now or how's she's feeling about her new album info on a new music video etc... There are so many things we don't know yet that we all know you can tell us but for some reason you don't and none of us know why. You are supposed to include us into what's going on with Celine today and that's not what your doing. Every us fans wake up excited to see what is going in with Celine and to see something like this is very disappointing!
Please Team Celine we are all saying this because we all love Celine so much she is are lives and we want to feel included with hers that's all we're asking for!
Thank you!

Oh my God, enough with forcing the news section with those awful pieces of merchandise that nobody cares about. And knowing Celine's taste for fashion, how can you write that this polo is "beautiful". Really this website is very very bad. The news section (which should only consist of relevants facts about Celine's life and recent career moves), and the commercial propaganda for the Vegas shows, and useless items from the boutique, should be seperate.

We're 2 weeks away from the album release, the website should publish articles about the making of the album, share some interesting facts about the writers, producers, recording sessions, to build anticipation...