Glee Sings Celine

2013/05/09 3:00AM Canada (English)
Don’t miss the season finale of the television show Glee tonight on the FOX network. One of the characters, Rachel, is called back for her second audition for the lead part in a Broadway musical. Do you know which song she will be auditioning with? Celine’s “To Love You More”! Catch Rachel’s version tonight and let us know what you think!

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That was cool Smile

I recently heard a really good cover of this song by some australian band called basic desire...worth a listen Smile

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The different end was quite nice & intressting Smile

Would love to hear Céline singing that song again!

Why do people always have to compare with Celine?!
I'm really excited that Glee, one of the most viewed shows around the world have performed one of Celine's songs once again. Lea Michelle has a great voice, she is an amazing singer and I guess we all know she is not Celine, why keep comparing? Let's just indulge ourselves with an amazing performance with one of our girl's biggest hits and feel thankful that there are people who does value how good she is and how much she has achieved throught her career. I watched it and I gotta say... LOOOOVED it... too bad I have to wait until September to see if it was worth Rachel's part as Fanny! Laughing out loud

A good cover but not as fabulous as the Celine Dion version.

Michael T.

Nice cover btw Smile

Rachel also did a cover of Celine´s song Tacking Chances and It´s All Coming Back To Me Now. But no one is better than Celine.

I don't watch Glee because I don't like how they sing but I have to admit that this version of "To love you more" is very good.

"To love you more" is one of my favourite songs by Celine. I never get tired of it.
I love it!!!

Wow im imressed i normally dont watch glee and i didnt know that they were this talented! Bravo Rachel! U sang that song amazingly but no one comes close to the original singer Celine Dion cuz shes the best!
Je t'aime pour toujour Celine
I love you for always Celine:)!!!!!

Je T'aime Pour Toujour Celine
I Love You For Always Celine Smile!!!!!

This cover sounds good... really good Smile

a cover... one more cover of Celine... lovely to help spread celine's talent.

Noone can top the original my dear Smile Celine rocks.

Rachel is very good but no one compares to Celine! <3<3<<3

Aww I won't miss this Episode *_____*
I am really soo excited <3