Get To Know André Coutu

2013/02/05 4:00AM Canada (English)

Guitarist and composer André Coutu has been Celine’s guitarist since 1992 and has toured the world with her many times. These days André can be seen in Las Vegas sharing a little bit of limelight with Celine during her rendition of the Janis Ian classic “At Seventeen”. This is a very beautiful and intimate moment of the show where Celine sits on the stage stairs in front of the audience and sings, accompanied only by André and his guitar.

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Dear TeamCeline Members,

We understand you've been waiting to hear news regarding the release of Celine's English language album. Many of you have come to the official website looking for further details following information that has been circulating on the internet. Out of respect for everyone involved, does not post information that is not yet confirmed. Once confirmed information is available, we will post it on the site. We thank you all once again for your continued patience and support.


Love Andre met him on my last trip to Vegas

I just might change my mind and let you in my life forever!

André is a great musician, he plays guitar very well, he and Celine are a great duo Smile

Love Andre. It shows his appreciation of Celine and her music as he has been a band member for a long time. On a side note the relentless comments about other albums released and new one is over the top for those posting here. Good things to come to those that wait. Some need to learn patience. I am anxious yes but really what is the constant request going to do? People are never satisfied. I think no one's wants a rushed cd release. It will be released in due time. Chill


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Andre is certainly awesome. There's no doubt about that!!! We know that he has been with Celine for a long time, and we applaud his talent!!!

The thing is that this really isn't newsworthy since all of us, who follow Celine diligently, know this information.

Please, find out some info about the new English CD and pass it along to all of us who are eagerly awaiting it. We are willing to be patient, but it was originally supposed to have been released back in November. That's okay, if the delay is to help make the CD more marketable etc. We definitely want this CD to show the world what we all know about Celine. She is the best!!! It would just be nice to know what is going on, and one would expect Celine's own website to be the place where we can all gain some knowledge regarding our favorite singer!!!

As to the song, "At Seventeen", it's not one of my favorites. I've seen the new show 5 times, and I have another trip planned for this coming summer. I've been around to know this song tho' from its original singer. Celine does a beautiful job singing it. There's no denying that, but it's not a highlight of the show for me. Celine has so many songs that she can sing that are absolutely awesome, and I would prefer to see and hear her sing one of them over this particular song.

"Let your heart decide"

Getting really tired of these pathetic news updates---English Album news would be nice, at least an acknowledgement that's beyond the "working hard" that we knew 6 years ago.

Hey TeamCeline

Love Andre, he is amazing:-)
But like alot of other fans , I'm just curious about news on the upcoming English album?
We all understand if there are delays or even if the release date has been pushed back to autumn/winter , but i think most fans would just like to be kept in the know about what's going on.
Obviously I know Celine , René and TeamCeline can only do their part and release dates etc are ultimately the record labels decision, but as I said to be given just an update on what's going on would be great , and it would stop all the speculation on other fan sites!
Even news on a possible third single from Sans Attendre would be something
Such an amazing album and the promo that was done for it was brill
Also I know this has probably been suggested before but Celine having a twitter account would be a great way to reach out to the fans , I know she is very busy with her show , recordings and family is always gonna be top priority ( one of the many reasons I'm a fan) but even a tweet every now and then, kinda like the news letters from the old fan club just leaving people know whats going on, Fans would feel more connected!
Just a few thoughts.

Love G xx

Can you tell us when this song will be available to listen to on the new english album?

I was in there moment and it's increible moment of the show. I love this song! It's so deep!

Nadia Cazzolato

That performance is soo beautiful!!! I'm 14 and the song At Seventeen is something i can really relate to..i love you verry much Celine!!!

Elle <3

André is a great musician!!!! Smile

Team Celine,

As much as "interesting" the today's news might seem, I'd rather get to know the scheduled release date of Celine's upcoming English album. Seriously, that would make much more sense to me (and other fans) than learning about some musician I don't really care about (I'm sure he's a great guy).

Is there anything on the subject of Celine's next English album we could expect to hear from you in the coming days? We'd really appreciate any confirmed piece of news.

Take care,


I surely can't wait for this English album. This album was to be my healing album since I've lost my Momma. February 15th (In 10 days) will be a years since her death. I miss her soo much Celine. And I hope to have new music and DVD's SOON.

Please, I need a A New Day to come.....

-Royce Xoxo...

Andre is the VERY BEST!!!!!!!! And he is my friend!!! As well as my favorite guitar player of ALL TIME!!! Much LOVE to my brother Andre Coutu, I cherish my autographed picture for sure buddy. I hope that Andre seriously releases a solo album of just guitar solos. All of us Celine fans will buy and that's a fact. ;D DO IT ANDRE!!! Here's a thumb!!! Do and album in for instances, Eric Johnson, and Billy McLaughlin. Ehhh???

-Royce Austin, Texas

Please can you tell fans what happened with "The Collector's Series" album? We had the volume 1 released 13 years ago. If a new english album could not have been released between 2009-2012, in the meantime at least you could have released the second volume of "The Collector's Series" with a couple of brand new/unreleased songs to keep us happy. It's been 6 years without new english songs, and another collector's series album could have made the wait easier, (like happened in 2000 during Céline's break). Why this album was abandoned? We would like to know.

thank you

Hush now... I see a light in the sky! A New Day Will Come