Express Your Love With Celine Music

2014/02/12 4:00AM Canada (English)

Have you used a Celine song to express your love to someone? Be it a romantic partner, a friend or a family member. If so, which song did you use and what did you do?

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"If Walls Could Talk"

When my wife and I it was "Tell Him" which has contributed to our love. Now, we are together 17 years. Throughout these years, Celine has always accompanied us. The love for my wife is just as grown as the Celine. My wife supported me in my devotion to Celine's music. In 2011, we again married in Las Vegas and also 2 times Celine seen their show. 2008, we have seen Celine together in Hamburg and in November 2013, we were in Paris and have a romantic weekend in Paris and attended a concert by Celine. Our love swinging on the music of Celine and connects us very much.

Celine thank you for being you. I love you and your music so much. Through your music I'm still alive. She has helped me in good and bad times. Thanks a million. I love you!


Thank you TeamCeline Smile

Negative feedback from fans again I see!! Can't please everyone celine!

Back to the most romantic songs I have heard! And played a special part well team celine I have to say there have been so many of celines songs that have touched my life, it would be impossible to Even say which song played a special part!! She is a very talented lady!! Xx

Hi Leah,

You should contact the contest's organizers to know the winners.


How will we know who won the contest to eat dinner with Celine and when will we find out????
Please team Celine if there is any information you can give about this please let us know about it as soon as possible Smile
Thank you Smile

While I was at Celine's show in Vegas I met someone!! His name was Alex and and he was from Paris and before the show started all we talked about was Celine and we were going through his phone looking at the Celine albums he had (or something like that) and then he asked me if I was going to see Celine in Paris (sadly I said no because it was too much money). And after the show was the last time I ever saw him!! I didn't get his number, last name age or anything all I knew about him was that his name was Alex and he was from Paris. I really liked him a lot I've never felt that way about anyone before in my life (and this was at my first Celine concert ever) and I'd do anything to see or hear from him again! But sadly I don't see how that could ever be possible Sad so the songs I think of ,the most, today when I think of him are My heart will go on, next plane out, I remember LA, I knew I loved you, the first time ever I saw your face, je ne vous Oublie pas, have you ever been in love, forget me not, I know what love is, right next to the right one, I surrender and the greatest reward! And also the song les Petits Pieds de Lea because we talked about this song before the show started!! I told him I really liked that song and he asked me why and I said because Celine sings my name in the this song (except theres no h in Lea and mine has an h ) and he goes " oh so your name is Leah?" Then he told me his. And I never saw him again after that night and I was heart broken Sad I really liked him!!

And the the song thank you I dedicate to my whole family because of all they've done for me and I'm so thankful for there love and support they've given me my whole life and same goes with the song Because you loved me Smile I would also like to dedicate the song fly my pin pal friend who died about 10 years ago because of a sickness she had in her brain and goodbyes the saddest word to my Aunt nancy and to my aunt Judy who both died from cancer

First of all, sorry for my english. I will try to explain you that as good as possible.

The last week I used a few Celine's songs to help my mother to feel better. She has senile dementia (she's 81 years old) and sometimes she feels nervous. So I used some Celine's songs I have in my mobile like a therapy to calm her and to feel better. At the same time I sang to her to show my love. My voice and Celine's voice together helped my mother to feel better.

I don't remember all the songs I used but some of them are: 'If you asked me to' and 'Taking Chances'. More than lyrics the important was the Celine's voice and my voice because in the past she liked Celine's voice too. Also, another song which was important it was a great Joan Manuel Serrat's song called 'Paraules d'Amor'. It's a song from a great Catalan songwriter and very famous in Catalonia and Spain. Celine, if you want listen to it, I'm sure that you will like it.

Thank you so much Celine to be in our lifes. My mother and I always are happy to listen your beautiful songs. Thank you for your voice and your personality. I hope to meet you someday and listen you singing in a live concert! It's my dream!

Kisses from Montcada i Reixac, Barcelona.


Gaudeix del moment!

never mind what happend or how often they got me of my track. In won't let go now you got me back.