Exclusive Celine Interview In Le Parisien

2012/07/05 3:00AM Canada (English)

Read Celine’s interview with the French daily Le Parisien where she discusses her upcoming French album titled ‘Sans attendre’, to be released on November 5. Celine talks about the first single “Parler à mon père”, which is about her father who passed away 8 years ago. He was her biggest fan. Celine thinks of him every day and knows that he is always with her, watching over her children.

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You know a song is beautiful when you don't speak the language it is sung in and you can still get completely lost in it. I've done this with so many of you're french songs Celine. You are truly a beautiful woman.....inside and out. I've been listening to your songs since the age of 7, and I think a 'thank you' is in order. For all that your songs have given me in life, through thick and thin, for giving me the guidance I needed when I could find it nowhere else, from the very depths of my heart...........Thank you.

Ótima entrevista!
Celine ama muito seu pai e ela sabe que ele esta sempre com ela.
Deus te abençoe Celine...

Great interview!
Celine loves her father very much and she knows that he is always with her.
God bless you Celine ...

Tres bien interview Smile

Thank you Mr. Adhémar Dion for guiding Céline when she was growing up and until now, thank you..♥

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