Eurovision Finale Tonight

2013/05/18 3:00AM Canada (English)

As you wait to find out who will be this year’s Eurovision Song Contest winner, why not watch the 1988 winning performance? A young 20 year-old Celine, representing Switzerland, won that night with “Ne partez pas sans moi”. This successful song launched Celine’s international career. She may have been unknown in Europe at that time but she certainly had the makings of a star. Do you agree?

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gave me goose bumps Smile she's the best and we all know it!!!!! Bravo Celine and keep up the good work..

et le vidéo est formidable Avec notre Céline qui est la déesse de la beauté.. northern kentucky bankruptcy attorney

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Celine diopn is the perfect blend of beauty and music. I love her looks and they way she carries herself. I think I have nearly 100 photographs of hers taken at various locations and photo shoots. I would like to meet her someday in my life . This is a dream for me. Hope it happens. Till then I will keep on knowing about her through web.
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I'm so proud that she represented Switzerland! Wish I could have watched her Thanks.

it's a great honor for Switzerland. DietToGo Review

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great song, i love Smile

I loved her performance it gave me goose bumps Smile she's the best and we all know it!!!!! Bravo Celine and keep up the good work Smile
Je t'aime pour toujour Celine
I love you for always Celine Smile!!!!!

Je T'aime Pour Toujour Celine
I Love You For Always Celine Smile!!!!!

Yesterday on our television in Switzerland, sent a video of Celine in 1988!
I love you, "Ne partez pas sans moi" <3 <3 Laughing out loud Smile

I hope the new English album, WATER AND A FLAME, has several elements of surprise. That is what lifts an artistic endeavor beyond good or great and makes it compelling. Moments like that appear on D'EUX and even FALLING INTO YOU (the end of CALL THE MAN, for instance). SANS ATTENDRE was the first time Celine surprised me in a while as far as album material is concerned. She'll surprise me in concerts -- but it's been lacking a bit as far as English recordings. MOI QUAND JE PLEURE is a prime example of surprising listeners.

In other words, I hope her team does not just play it safe for this new English album. The biggest travesty would be an album full of FADE AWAY-type songs that any sugar pop singer could sing. The biggest gift would be an album chopped full of colorful, surprising songs that showcases all of the layers and cadences of Celine's untouchable voice.

It would be a very wise decision to release the Ne-Yo duet as the lead single because Ne-Yo is so proud of the song and he would help to promote the single/Celine's album. Then follow that single with a strong Celine ballad (BREAKAWAY or WATER AND A FLAME).

Ooh yess... je me souviens *____*
Céline Dion won for our SWITZERLAND and that's also because her career started really cool !!!
J'adore sa chanson "Ne partez pas sans moi"....elle l'avait chantée magnifique avec sa voix merveilleuse <3 I am veryy proud of our Céline ...she was, is and will always be the BEST !!!
I love her soo very much <3

I love this song so much, Celine deserved to win 'cause her performance was stunning!
Lots of love<3

I'm so proud that she represented Switzerland! Wish I could have watched her performance back in 1988, but I wasn't born yet Wink

Celine sounds great here! <3 love the song! I'm glad Celine weares better clothes these days Laughing out loud

"Ne partez pas sans moi" - what a song! Smile Céline has a lot of fans in Norway, and it was because of this Eurovision performance that she became known to us. Many people remember that night (not me though, I was only five Wink
Like Jordy said; douze points for Céline!

That's 25 years! A jubilee! Congratulations from Europe, Céline! And tonight maybe the Netherlands will win with Birds from Anouk, a song which I love to hear by Céline Wink Anyway, with this news grows my respect for Céline and her career even more! 12 points, douze points for Céline!