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2013/10/02 3:00AM Canada (English)

Why purchase the fabulous Miracle book, a beautiful collaboration between Celine and photographer Anne Geddes, anywhere else but The Boutique? The publisher’s price is $60 but we offer it a lower price. And right now, take advantage of an additional 20% discount! Celebrate the bond between mother and child and save! This offer won’t last long and is only available at The Boutique.

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My late husband Don bought me "For Keeps" and "Miracle" for Christmas the year the books came out. I loved him so much for that because we both loved Celine and her voice. A lot has happened since that year and Celine knows about all of the things that happened.But I lost the one and only man I have ever loved and the only man I have ever had in my life.He passed away July 3,2011 after a brave fight with cancer and as Celine and her voice helped me in 2007 with God and Don when I was seriously sick almost the whole year and almost died twice so did she help Don.I can't say how she knows all of this because of a promise I made in 2008 and I will never break this promise.You can read about us and our illnesses and the role Celine played on my site on here.I live in Florida and for a long time we could never get to Vegas her first time there but when she went back to Vegas Don started saving to take me and then he got sick and we had to use the money to pay bills. We did see the Taking Chances Tour in Miami. After he passed it was months before I could listen to Celine's voice but when I did that first time I felt so great because of her voice and the songs we dedicated to each other. The song "I Know What Love Is" was my song for Don because of all he did for me in 2007.Celine means so much to me and she made our love deeper for each other day after day.Well on Dec.28th 2011 on Celine's first night back at Caesar's after her long break I did make it to Vegas and Don was there with me in my heart the whole night loving me and Celine as much as he always did.It is hard losing the love of your life after 35 yrs. of marriage and being together for 39 yrs. God Bless Celine and her Family and I pray every night that God grants the only real wish I have not because I want to meet her as a fan but because it is very important that I do talk to her.Thank you to all of Celine's fans for making her the Beat Female Artist of all Time and always will be as far as I am concerned.The 1st pic is of Don and I going to Taking Chances Tour and the other pic is Don's sisters on his B-Day(the same as Celine's)4 months before he passed away.

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Deborah Keith Hodapp


Miracle... Very soft, touching and personal album.


Why buy it anywhere but the boutique ? Well, because it's still ridiculously expensive ! This book/CD album is 9 years old, in France one can easily find it in bookstores for 5€.

We went from 2013 down to 2004!
Team Celine, there is absolutely not one single thing u can say about loved me back to life or anything about Celine this year?????? Most people pretty much have this album already anyway yes this is helpful info but could you also mention something about what's going on today as well?????
Thank you Smile