A Duet With Johnny Hallyday On New French Album

2012/08/29 3:00AM Canada (English)

Two big voices have united! Celine and French legend Johnny Hallyday have recorded a duet for Celine’s new French-language album coming out on November 5. We can’t wait!

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We can’t wait to listing celine new album I love her

I am sweet and very friendly carinhozo with good humor nuit watching life go and live her dreams and goals always crave but only now that I'm running consegundo

This new French album will be amazing!

I can´t wait too. I'm so excited!


WOW they make one great duet!!!!!! I listen all the time the song:L'envie with Celine & Jonny!!!!

Wow, it's gonna be a great duet!! Smile can't wait too!!!!! Wink

Never heard of Johnny Hallyday , so tipped his name on youtube The results:
L´envie and Blueberry Hill

Don´t know exactly why, but I personally like Johhny Hallyday better singing english than french. Maybe because I did not get the lyrics of the french song right Smile