Do You Know Your Celine Tunes?

2014/03/26 3:00AM Canada (English)

Last month we asked you to name one-word song titles from Celine’s entire discography, this time can you name two-word song titles?

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One Heart
Fade Away
Taking Chances
My Love
Think Twice
Le Miracle
At Seventeen
Seduces Me
Prière paienne
Au secours
Un enfant
Lovin' Proof
Avec toi
Contre nature
Sleep Tight
.....and many, many others Smile

@hiphopcrisis: I'm not a big fan of hiphop music, but I think your "cover" is quite good. But of course it would sound much better with Céline singing the chorus Wink

Hey There:

I'm a rapper based in Perth, Australia and, I've just put out a new music video.

I have made a Hip-Hop cover version of 'That's The Way It Is.' I would love to actually work with Celine Dion on this song. Please check it out and, lets get it to the right people. Here it is: Thank you

Over and Out,

Crisis Mr. Swagger

Taking Chances, My Love, Surprise Surprise, I Wish, Open Arms, At Seventeen, Contre Nature, Beautiful Boy, Le Miracle, I Surrender, Thank You, Think Twice, A Cause, New Dawn, The Reason, Fade Away, Seduces Me, I'm Alive, Sleep Tight, Je Chanterai, Le Ballet, Ten Days, Ave Maria, Blue Christmas, Regarde Moi, Christams Eve, Cherche Encore, Feliz Navidad, Brahms Lullaby, Lovin Proof, Nature Boy, Tell Him, Unfinished Songs, The Prayer, At Last, Your Light, This Time, La Diva, Une Colombe, Sans Attendre, Tu Nage, Retiens Moi, Mon Homme, Adeste Fideles, Distant Memories, Leaving Port, The Portrait, Titanic Suite, The Sinking, En Amour, Avec Toi, La Religeuse, Real Emotion, This Time...

Oh, I can't think of any others.

There is a lot that I can think of but it would take along time to write out since there is ALOT nearly all of then but not quite but I love all her songs anyway xxx

Your N1 fan ❤ UK, I love you Celine always . Zaynah ❤

the reason, my love, contre nature, thank you, unfinished songs, I surrender, taking chances, the prayer, one heart, Nature Boy, Beautiful Boy, Think Twice, fad away, one heart, ten days, seduces me, surprise surprise <3

Thank You, My Love, Taking Chances, Unfinished Songs, Nature Boy, Think Twice, Real Emotion, Lovin' Proof, Surprise Surprise, This Time, Mew Dawn, Fade Away, I'm Alive, Ten Days, I Surrender, At Last, Zora Sourit, Je Chanterai, À Cause. Seduces Me, On Heart, At Last, The Reason, Le Paradis, La Diva, Contre Nature, Beautiful Boy, I Wish, New Dawn, Le Miracle, At Seventeen, Your Light, The Prayer, Super Love, Tell Him, Open Arms, Le Ballet, Cherche Encore, Mon Homme, Une Colombe.

Horse Lover

En amour
La religieuse
Avec toi
Comment t'aimer
Une colombe
Ma chambre
Delivre moi
Think twice
Real emotion
Lovin' proof
Le ballet
Regarde moi
Cherche encore
Priere paiene
Seduces me
Your light
Distant memories
Leaving port
The sinking
Titanic suite
The portrait
The reason
Tell him
Zora sourit
Je chanterai
Blue christmas
Ave maria
Adeste fideles
The prayer
Brahms' lullaby
Christmas eve
Happy xmas
Feliz navidad
I'm alive
Ten days
I surrender
At last
Super love
Nature boy
One heart
Apprends moi
Tu nages
Retiens moi
Mon homme
Contre nature
Sleep tight
Beautiful boy
A cause
Les paradis
La diva
Taking chances
My love
Surprise surprise
This time
New dawn
Fade away
Le miracle
Sans attendre
Thank you
At seventeen
Unfinished songs
Open arms
I wish

Ok without cheating:
My love, thank you, unfinished songs, think twice, I'm alive, taking chances, I surrender, one heart, Le miracle, a cause, la diva, la paradis, surprise surprise, this time, new dawn, Mon homme, tu nage, Contre nature, at last, fade away, open arms, ten days, rain tax, nature boy, at seventeen, Brahms lullaby, the reason, Christmas Eve, blue Christmas, the prayer, tell him, Zora souvent (I think I spelled this one right), je chanterai, lovin proof, seduces me, une colombe(I think I spelled this one right), ave Maria, happy Christmas, beautiful boy, sleep tight,
And that's all I can think of at the top of my head Smile

Taking Chances, I'm Alive, Fade Away, Surprise Surprise, I Surrender, One Heart, Think Twice, The Reason, My Love...

Taking Chances
My Love
Surprise Surprise
New Dawn
Fade Away
Seduces Me
Your Light
The Prayer
I'm Alive
Super Love
At Last
Nature Boy
Beautiful Boy
Think Twice
The Reason
Tell Him
Unfinished Songs
At Seventeen
Open Arms
This Time
One Heart
I Surrender
Zora Sourit
Real Emotion
Lovin Proof
Le Ballet
Priere Paienne
Je Chanterai
Blue Christmas
Ave Maria
Brahms Lullaby
Christmas Eve
Feliz Navidad
Regarde Moi
Cherche Encore
Ten Days
Sleep Tight
I Wish
Thank You

Thank You, Nature Boy, At Last, Think Twice, I'm Alive, Zora Sourit, Seduces Me, The Reason, I Surrender, Ten Days, One Heart, La Paradis, Taking Chances, La Diva, My Love, Contre Nature, Surprise Surprise, Beautiful Boy, I Wish, A Cause, This Time, New Dawn, Le Miracle, Fade Away, and At Seventeen! Those are the ones I can think of right now! But I just know there are tons of French ones I missed and probably quite a few English ones! God bless you Celine!