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2013/07/23 3:00AM Canada (English)

On July 19, 1996, Celine inspired millions around the world when she performed "The Power Of The Dream" at the opening ceremonies for the XXVI Summer Olympics in Atlanta, USA. Former American President Bill Clinton had insisted that Celine be the one to perform this very special song. Celine's captivating performance was later included on her 'The Collectors Series Volume One' album.

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Celine, the Brazilian fans want you in the Olympics in Brazil (2016) pleaseee

This is the great song, i love Smile

That's amazing there's no one better than Celine to be picked to sing that song! and wasn't that girl from Australia that got to meet Celine During the meet and greet from the A new Day...Live in Las Veags DVD (2007) born at the same time Celine performed that song and was the first human voice she heard?
that has to be just down right amazing Smile
If I found out that Celine's voice was the first human voice I heard I would flip lol Wink