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2014/08/02 3:00AM Canada (English)

The first time that Celine appeared as a guest on French television show “Champs-Élysées”, host Michel Drucker introduced her to the audience with the words, “Ladies and Gentlemen, you will never forget the voice you are about to hear. Remember this name: Celine Dion”. When Unison was released a few years later, those famous words were used as a slogan to promote Celine and her first English-language album.

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I loved this quote by Michel Drucker from the moment I first heard it. What he said is SO true! Smile

And @Leah: The quote you mentioned in your comment is a translation of the French quote in the Une seule fois booklet (first page). It's what she says at the end of the concert just before she sings "Le miracle". Those words also touched me very much and I was really happy to see that they put this quote into the booklet. The French words are slightly diffrent from the English translation you found and I find them even more powerful in French Smile


Definitely some famous words that were very true...the best singer of all time...will never be forgotten for generations and generations to come!

that is so cool Laughing out loud and I know I'll never forgot that name Wink I am so glad that you became who you are today Céline you are the most perfect inspiration a person could ever have with the most perfect voice over anyone who's ever lived and it will always be that way!!!!!
I've been struggling with something for a while now, I've had quite a few doubts about my dream of becoming a song writer someday and about a few other things too and I've kind of been slacking off a little bit on a lot of things and feeling a little depressed and yes listening to Céline's songs would cheer me up and make me happy again and help me through this situation at the moment but then later that feeling would come back and I felt like it always would no matter what Sad and at one point yesterday after already feeling very tired and just not at my best, I just felt like crying because I didn't know how I could turn this all around, but then as I was listening to Céline's music, and looking through some Céline stuff on Facebook on the CelineDion Greece, I scrolled back up to the top and noticed that something new had been posted, and it was a picture of Céline from a new 2014 Céline tour book I think it was and above it there a quote that Céline had said at some point: "Transforming dreams into miracles is sometimes just a step away. All we need is to believe: believe in life, believe in our selves, believe in this night, and in the present. Children do this... let's follow their lead, never let the child in you disappear. This is the miracle I wish for you tonight."
And that is what turned it all around for me!!!! I thought about how Céline never gave up on her dream of becoming a singer and how she always believed that one day it would happen ad look where she us now, and after reading this quote, I felt like Céline was actually telling this to me, I could just hear her voice in my mind, and that's when I realized that if she was actually talking to me that she would want me to not give up and to keep going after my dream, because that's what she did, and that's what I'm going to do starting now!! Céline has helped me though so much in the past and I think at this moment I just needed a little push forward and Céline gave it to me!!! You helped me get through this situation, Céline and now I just feel I've gained so much confidence in my self like nothing could ever stand in my way again and it's all thanks to you, you are always someone I know 100% I can look up to!!! I hope teamceline that you will let Céline read this because the way Céline had helped me yesterday really means a lot and I would love for her to know that Smile
I am so blessed and thankful to God that he had put you in my life Céline, thank you for everything!!!!! Laughing out loud
I love you so much Céline and just like what my signature says, "You made me who I am"