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2014/07/07 3:00AM Canada (English)

Celine met Luciano Pavarotti for the first time in 1991 in the office of one of the doctors that takes care of her voice. One day, during an appointment, her specialist introduced her to Mr. Pavarotti, He wanted Pavarotti to hear Celine’s voice. Celine sang for Luciano, and he said, “you have a voice that could melt the heart”. Several years later, Celine recorded “I Hate You Then I Love You” in duet with Luciano for her 1997 album ‘Let’s Talk About Love’. Celine also took part in a “Pavarotti & Friends” television special.

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I thinks that's really amazing that they met like that in the doctors office Wink
and their voices sound amazing together!!!!! Laughing out loud

I love how much Pavarotti admired Céline's voice Smile And their two voices harmonized beautifully in "I Hate You Then I Love You"!