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2014/07/01 3:00AM Canada (English)

The song “Ten Days” from Celine’s album ‘A New Day Has Come’ was originally recorded by the French singer Gérald de Palmas. His version of the song, titled “Tomber” was released in 2000 on his ‘Marcher dans le sable’ album and quickly became a hit in francophone countries. Aldo Nova wrote “Ten Days” based on the original French lyrics of Maxime Le Forestier. The music was composed by Gérald de Palmas who also produced the song for Celine.

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I just love this song. It is one of my favourites. It is so meaningful and powerful and... celineful.... Smile

Covers, covers everywhere...

Santiago Colorado

hey everyone I just created a Celine fan page on Facebook though I'm still working on it so it doesn't have that many posts and such on it yet but it will as soon as I get some ideas but in the mean time check it out and see what I've got so far Laughing out loud
And I love this song Ten Days by the way!!!!! Wink

I like the song Smile It has got a different sound which suits Céline's voice really well.