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2014/05/10 3:00AM Canada (English)

On April 30th, 1988, Celine represented Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest, which took place in Dublin, Ireland. Celine performed “Ne partez pas sans moi” and won! This contest was a turning point for Celine and helped to launch her international career. Is this the song that introduced you to Celine? If not then what was the first Celine song you ever heard?

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I don't remember for 100% but I think this song was "My Heart Will Go On" Smile

The first Celine song I ever heard was "To Love You More". If I recall right, it was only available in Japan for awhile before it became marketed here in the U.S. The radio stations telephones were ringing off the hook for requests for the song. I became more and more interested in Celine after hearing her and now I am a full fledged fan forever!

@Haakon1983: No, but I deliberately don't count that because it wasn't yet the contest it is today (there were only 7 participants, so it wasn't very difficult to win) Wink

Forgetting about Lys Assia in 1956, Rebecca90? Wink

The first Celine song I ever heard was "Because You Loved Me".

Best regards from Poland

The first Celine Dion song I ever heard was actually a duet with Billy Newton-Davis. The song"I can't live with you can't live without you was released as a single. I had the honor of meeting Billy Newton-Davis thanks to my dear friend Emily. I must say, not only is he a very talented singer but also a wonderful human being who holds Celine in the highest regards.
I have always loved I can't live with you can't live without you since 1990 when I first saw the music video. Now that I have meet Billy this song holds a special meaning in my heart. It would be a dream come true to see Celine and Billy sing this song live in Vegas!

Congrats for winning the ESC 2014, Conchita! I'm glad Switzerland only reached number 13 so Céline is still the only one who won for Switzerland Smile

The first song I heard was My Heart Will Go On, yes, after watch TITANIC, on Christmas of 1999. I was almost 8. That was the only song I knew from Celine's music until the following year when we got the album Falling Into You, so I heard all the songs and they all were incredibly beautiful to me.

I have to say, the song didn't introduce me as a fan, but Celine's voice! I had never heard a voice like hers (and still haven't) and I didn't know her at that time (2000) , and didn't know she was taking a 2 years break, and I wanted to know more about her!

Now I can say I'm not a fan of Celine's music only, I'm a fan of her as human being, as a person, as a performer...

I had not realized I've been a fan for almost 14 years!!

Santiago Colorado

Of course I knew because I'm from Switzerland, too! Laughing out loud I'm sooooo proud that she entered the contest for Switzerland and that she won!!!!! I don't want any other Swiss artist ever to win this contest again, just because I want Céline to be the only one who ever did it Wink And it's good to know that this was also the night when Céline and René first kissed Wink this makes it even more special Smile "Ne partez pas sans moi" is a great song. Everytime I hear it I get goosebumps and I almost start to cry!
The first Cèline song I ever heard was "Think Twice". It was on a compilation CD of my parents which they bought when I was about four or five years old. Smile

And finally: good luck to all the ESC participants who are singing in the final tonight! (Except Switzerland, of course) Wink

My 1st Celine song I ever heard was Beauty and the beast and I was probably about 5 years old! I used to be obsessed with Disney princess movies but my 3 most favorites were Cinderella Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast and my mom said I used to dance to Celine singing beauty and the beast at the end of the movie and I even remember having a Belle night gown and dress up out fit + a wig and I practically wore them out from wearing them so much Wink for me I didn't need regular clothes because pretty much everyday I would come in dress up clothes lol
I also remember at one point in my life I heard the song I'm alive but I can't remember where or when it was and then the song my heart will go on (which I first heard in late March 2010) which is what introduced my to Celine and it made me a fan but at that time that was the only Celine song I new and then on may 7 2012 I heard To love You more for the first time when she sang it on the Rosie O'Donnell show (1998) and that's what made me the fan I am today!! Just by hearing that song and watching that interview made me eager to hear more of her songs and watch more of her interviews!!! Laughing out loud I even remember the first 10 Celine songs I had on my iPod:
Nothing Broken But My Heart, Love Doesn't Ask Why, Just Walk Away, To Love You More, Where Does My Heart Beat Now, I'm Alive, A New Day Has Come, Goodbye's (The Saddest Word), I Surrender, and My Heart Will Go On and this is the exact order I would listen to it in Laughing out loud
I love you so much Celine and thank you for everything!!!!! Laughing out loud

Oh YES...*_____* Bien sûr que je le savais, car je viens de la suisse et Céline Dion est ma seule et plus grande Idole <3

"Ne partez pas sans moi" est une vieille chanson, que j'apprecie beaucoup, notre Céline la chante FORMIDABLE Avec sa belle voix Incroyable <3


The first song I heard was "Beauty and the Beast". I had no idea who this lady was, but I totally fell in love with her voice. I watched the movie (on VHS tape) over and over again trying to learn the lyrics (must add that I didn't speak English at that time, and pretty much made up my own lyrics, ha ha)

First Celine song I ever heard was "Where does my heart beat now" in 1990 it was also the first time I heard her name when the man in my life was a radio broadcaster at Mix93/KUDL in Kansas,City,Mo(they don't like being called DJ's)...lol & he came home from work one day & said he met a skinny singer from Canada named "Celine Dion"...the rest is history