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2014/04/06 3:00AM Canada (English)

On April 5, 1990 Celine released ‘Unison’, her first English-language album. It is this album that introduced Celine’s incomparable talent to the United States as well as other non-francophone countries. ‘Unison’ sold over 3 million copies worldwide. Which song on this album means the most to you?

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"Unison" deserves recognition on its 25th anniversary. (This upcoming April 5th, 2015.) While I know a massive collector's edition is highly unlikely to be released on such short notice, I do hope Celine and her team will take the time to give this highly underrated gem of an album the recognition it rightfully deserves! (That means more than just a quick post to her website!)

This is one of my favorite Celine albums. It's her most sophisticated and edgy set to date but was completely overshadowed by several other powerful female singers releasing albums in 1990. I also love that half of unison was produced by David Foster. I hope that Celine and David collaborate on an entire album together in the future. My favorite songs are. Love By Another Name, The Last To Know and If We Could Start Over

Its good to know that at least Céline's official site takes the trouble to remember her past albums, the ones that are continually ignored by Céline tour after tour since 1999. Unison being one of her most neglected albums in this list.

Hush now... I see a light in the sky! A New Day Will Come

I love the song Have a Heart <3

Where Does My Heart Beat Now and Unison!

Where Does My Heart Beat Now

This album is amazing. So diferente from Incognito. Celine voice is .... great
My favorite songs are:

  • Where Does My Heart Beat Now (the big song)
  • (If there was) Any other way,
  • If Love Is Out Of The Question,
  • Unison (the dance song)
  • I'm Lovin Every Moment with You (the first love song not in french, and the words must have a very especial meaning, so very true at the time)
  • If We Could Start Over. A good begining.

Celine, René,
... I'm gonna stand, stand by your side / Kiss all your tears away tonight / I'm gonna stand, stand by your side / Make you believe again / I wanna look in your eyes now and see you smiling again ....
Hope you are felling better. Love you

♥ Where Does My Heart Beat Now! The way how Celine sings this song is AMAZING. Love it

My significant other worked at Mix 93/KuDl in the 1990's as a broadcaster & promotions director and he came home from work one day back in 1990 and said he met a skinny singer from Canada named "Celine Dion" I had asked him if he got her autograph & he just said no...I've heard Celine sing "Where does my heart beat now" 6 times live in the past 3 years & it is awesome to hear her sing it live & the way they introduce it on the big screen in black& white with her first US appearance on the tonight show makes it even more special!!! Love Celine forever...

Probably also "Where Does My Heart Beat Now" because it was her first English single and made her known to a wider audience. She also performed the song at the opening ceremony of the Eurovision Song Contest in 1989, the year after she won the contest for Switzerland Laughing out loud And I saw her perform the song in Vegas, too - and also at her Dec. 1 concert in Paris last year Smile
I also like "If Love Is Out Of The Question", "If We Could Start Over" and "Have A Heart", these are my favourites from the album.

Where does my heart beat now. It's just beautiful! So mysterious and melancholic!

unison itself!!! it's beautiful!!

Where does my heart beat now - I like the way how Celine sings this song in Vegas.

Where does my heart beat now, because I saw Celine perform this amazing song in Vegas Laughing out loud and also because it was one of the 1st 10 songs I ever had on my iPod of Céline's Laughing out loud and those 10 songs were:
-Nothing Broken but my Heart
-Love Doesn't Ask Why
-Just Walk Away
-To Love You more (this song is what made me the fan I am today)
-Where Does My Heart Beat Now
-I'm Alive
-A New Day Has Come (Fast Version)
-Goodbye's (the Saddest Word)
-I Surrender
-My Heart Will Go On (Movie Version) (this is the first Celine song I ever learned by heart + made me a fan)
This was the exact order that I always listened to it in Laughing out loud
I love you Celine so much and my other top favorite songs from this album are Have a Heart, If We Could Start Over, The Last to Know, and I'm Lovin Every Moment with You Laughing out loud