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2013/08/17 2:00AM Canada (English)

On August 22, 2008, in celebration of Quebec City’s 400th anniversary, Celine gave a historic concert on the Plains of Abraham, in front of over 250,000 fans. Celine was not alone in offering this sensational concert. She was accompanied by Garou, Marc Dupré, Ginette Reno, Éric Lapointe, La Famille Dion, Mes Aïeux, Zachary Richard, Dan Bigras, Nanette Workman, Jean-Pierre Ferland and Claude Dubois. Relive all the magic moments with the 'Céline sur les Plaines' DVD and T-shirt, available at The Boutique.

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Dion, Mes Aïeux, Zachary Richard, Dan Bigras, Nanette Workman, Jean-Pierre Ferland and Claude Duboissoulspackle.com

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I remember that concert well. I enjoyed her singing there, and especially the different duets. The best duet was Celine with Janette Reno The best part was when Celine became emotional, and cried on Janette's shoulder. I found it very moving, and touching.

Now i'm just thinking

Dear team Celine, WHY THIS ? when we have the " Une Seule Fois" that's a brand NEW show.

WE ARE FANS and for sure most of all have Sur les plaines DVD ! IT'S kind of obvious

Why to relive the DVD that the fans already have !!?? instead of NEWS ( hopefully 'bout the album and the " Une seule fois " Concert.

And we're getting the new's from newspaper not from here, this is not good at all !

Tiago Fragoso

I think they can't release Une Seule Fois on dvd until the european tour is done, because they said it will be the same show. The same for the Vegas' show, they will release a dvd of the show until is over, not before, this way all the world would see it at home and not in Las Vegas...

About Loved me back to life, i can't believe we could see the news about the new release date on the "Le Journal de Montréal", instead of celinedion.com. When are you going to show us some publicity of the album? a picture at least? will celine appear on the cover this time?

I'd love some official news about that

lovedmebacktolife.jpg156.2 KB

Santiago Colorado

We already have this amazing dvd. Now, we want Céline Une seule fois!
Please, release Une seule fois in dvd!

As diehard Celine fans we know about this concert Sur Les Plaines. We already have it obviously. please release Celine Une Seule Fois on dvd/bluray as soon as possible. Don't wait until 2014. Now is the time. For all of us that cannot afford to go to Vegas this is the perfect gift, to have this amazing concert on dvd and bluray.
And for all of us that are not that good in French, make multiple subttitles available on the dvd, so the dvd can be sold in the whole world for all the thousands of Celine fans that cannot make it to Vegas or cannot afford to go to her concerts.

I agree with what Tiago said, but please don't wait until the next year Sad The brand new English album and 'Céline... une seule fois' DVD/CD will both be great Christmas gifts for us and our loved ones!!!

Team Celine, please listen to the fans!!

"Une seule fois..." Was an AMAZING CONCERT, and you can find it easily to download, but we're great fans, and we would LOVE to have it on Blu-Ray/DVD!! ( We need it so much !! )

Sur Les Plaines was good, But " Une Seule Fois..." was SO MUCH BETTER.. she was vocally excellent. It's an emotional concert, with her "old" hits medley that was Perfect!! Also Bozo, that I have no words to explain how good it was. And " Loved Me Back To Life " oh... perfection.

" Une Seule Fois..." Deserves a Blu-Ray/DVD Release, no matter if it's next year, this year.. as bonus or not, please release this concert !!!

Tiago Fragoso

why would they upload the video of the concert and then delete it the next day I wish I would have gotten to see it I didn't even know it was on youtube Sad
anyway yes please release the concert on DVD! I have the DVDs of: Celine Theses are special times TV special 1998, Celine Au Coeur Du Stade 1999, Celine One year one heart 2003, Celine A New Day live in Las Vegas 2007-blueray, Celine Through the eyes of the world 2008 Celine taking chances live in Boston 2008 and Celine's life story movie and I'm going to buy Celine Sur les Plains 2008 and Celine all the way a decade of song and video with some of the money I just earned and some time in the future I'm planning on buying Celine On ne change pas 2005 DVD Celine Taking Chances live in Montreal 2008, Celine The color of my love concert 1993 and some others too and I would love to include the Une Soule Fois Concert too So please release it into a DVD maybe add it to the Deluxe version of Celine's new CD Loved Me Back to life or something and it would also be nice to have a CD of the concert to so I can down load the music to my ipod like I have with all of the other live Celine CDs that I have
please do this for us!!!!! Laughing out loud
Thank You!!

"I don't want to only sing for my fans,
I want to look at them, and I want to talk to them, have fun with them
and that's what my carrier's all about"
~ Céline
I love you so much Céline <3

Please, Céline, release "Une Seule Fois" on DVD! I'm from Brazil and as many other devoted Brazilian fans, I've never got the chance to see you live. So each live DVD release of yours is like experiencing a bit of what it could be like going to a real concert.
Please, release "Une Seule Fois" on DVD. Unfortunately I couldn't make it to watch you live in Quebec and I've seen some sneak peeks of it on the Internet and it was amazing. Please, give us fans this opportunity of watching this show at home.
Sending you all my love, Céline.


It was an amazing show full of emotions! I wish I was there!
Congratulations Celine<3

I'm lucky one as I downloaded ‘Céline... une seule fois’ from youtube before it was removed due to the copyrights and... then I cried a lot while watching this wonderful concert which simply MUST BE RELEASED ON DVD & CD before Christmas!
Many songs performed by Celine that night sound even better live than original studio versions, so please release ‘Céline... une seule fois’ on CD too, exactly in the same way as 'Taking Chances: The Concert'.

Please release Celine... Une seule fois on Blu-Ray DVD!! It's an amazing concert, one of the best in her career!!!! So much better than Celine Sur les plaines 2008!

Is there any plans for " Une seule fois " DVD/BLURAY release ??? The fans will LOVE it.

This show was magical, PERFECT! we need this in DVD.

PLEASE team Celine give us at least yes or no.

unsss.jpg67.68 KB

Tiago Fragoso

This show was amazing with such magical moments! I really hope to see "Celine... Une Seule Fois" on DVD as well as the European show!


Ciao a tutti!!! ho voluto fare questo video,, xke vogliamo vedere Celine in Italia e non ce migior posto di Roma nel fare un concerto (è vicino a tutti ed è bellissimo vederla cantare in un vero colosseo) voi che ne pensate? CONDIVIDIAMO TUTTI QUESTO VIDEO... magari qualcosa si smuoverà..tanto non ci costa nulla fallo girare..quindi è meglio provare o no??


Dear CelineDion.com,
please release ‘Céline... une seule fois’ on DVD & CD soon!
... certainly before Christmas, cos I really want to find it under the Christmas tree.

I'm getting $50 for my allowance and I'm planning on spending it all on Celine CDs and DVDs!
the ones that I know for sure I want to buy are Celine Sur Les Plains DVD, One Heart CD, S'il Suffisait D'Aimer CD Falling into you CD, All The Way... A decade Of Song and Video, Celine Dion CD, and maybe a Celine poster, and whatever else I decide to buy! Smile
I LOVE adding new stuff to my Celine Collection Laughing out loud!!!!!
<3 love you forever Celine <3
(that's me and my mom in my new profile picture btw with Celine's statue when we went to Vegas this passed June to see her perform! - best night ever! Smile)

"I don't want to only sing for my fans,
I want to look at them, and I want to talk to them, have fun with them
and that's what my carrier's all about"
~ Céline
I love you so much Céline <3