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2013/08/09 3:00AM Canada (English)

Celine looked majestic on the grand stage on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City on July 27. Did you know that it took 10,000 hours to install the gigantic stage. Measuring 224ft (68m) long by 86ft (26m) wide and weighing 300,000 pounds (136 tons), it’s the largest stage in Canada.

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WoW! Celine Georgia`s wating for you <3

Many Kisses From Georgia

The stage & screens were wonderful + the concert & Celine were amazing ... I just wish they had another 40 hours = 4 guys @ 10 hrs each to put in seats! it was a standing room only concert standing on sand & crushed stone ... disappointing for the cost of tix! Plus our March 2012 concert was cancelled due to her earlier sickness (understandable). We saw/heard Celine once and will go again: but in Vegas with seating! Smile Tante & Mom


tim @ It's obvious... I was just being sarcastic Smile
As you know Celine performs her Las Vegas show with 31 piece orchestra, but nobody says that this concert lasts for at least 64 hours... or it takes over 64 hours of live performance (31 x 2hrs on the stage + Celine x 2hrs; not including ballet, band and others working behind the scenes).

OH My god !
When it comes to China ? I love your

loll tim

that is insane! 10,000 hours :0 but since it was for Celine I bet it was worth every second of it!!!!!! Smile
<3 I love you for ever Celine <3

Oh my God.....I can't believe that the built of that stage took 10,000 hours. It's too much !!
Mais je pense que c'était payant <3
Malheureusement je n'ai pu jouir ce concert inoubliable de notre Céline *___*
Mais Céline sera au mois de décembre à Paris....et moi je vis à Zurich en Suisse, ça veut dire que je peux aller voir ce spectacle à Bercy *_____* !!!!
Je me réjouis beaucoup...Céline est vraiment la meilleure chanteuse du monde, et simplement la meilleure dans tout ce qu'elle fait <3

Poor guys! they worked so hard!!!
But they did a great job, it was a great stage!
Perfect for the great diva who is Celine<3

The 10,000 hours is definitely referring to man hours (i.e. 125 people working 40 hours per week for 2 weeks = 10,000 man hours). Way to overdramatize cd.com!
How about some exciting news about the new english album???

Really? 10,000 hours is equal to 416 days... so it’s not only the largest stage in Canada, but also the longest built stage in the world Smile