Decorate Your Desktop With ‘Loved Me Back To Life’ Wallpapers!

2013/09/06 3:00AM Canada (English)

In the spirit of Celine’s new single and upcoming album of the same name, we wanted to give you some more goodies. Decorate your computer desktop with these gorgeous new wallpapers and show your love for Celine! Visit the Screen Gems page to view and download them, your computer will thank you!

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wonderful, my notebook is more beautiful.

Nice ! Thanks for the HQ pictures Smile


That is really cool Wink


Thank you <3
I used photoscape to combine the album pics and wrote the lyric
And then uploaded on photobucket Smile

I love them Smile Celine looks beautiful I will definately get them!!!!!
I love your signature how did you do that?????!!!!!!!! Laughing out loud

They're very very nice!!!!!!!!!
I love you Celine<3