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2014/04/08 3:00AM Canada (English)

On this day, in 1994, the song “The Power Of Love”, first single from the album ‘The Colour of My Love’, is certified Platinum in the United States. After 20 years, this song remains a favourite for many fans. Is it still your favourite Celine song?

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It is indeed my all time favourite... Best song ever!

It's still one of my favourite songs. It's an amazing song!!!!
I love it!!!!
The video is not very good but the song is wonderful. I can't believe it's been 20 years. How time flies!!!!

i really like this song.. what amazing video love it.

I love this song!

Not THE favourite, but certainly one of my favourites Smile

If I say "Yes", will it increase my chances to receive a pic with sig.? Wink
(or will my request increase the chances to get blocked...hmmm)

What Tim said.. Love celine.. Love the music.. OLD AND NEW.. I'm really hoping for news every day, but nothing. At least news would be nice... especially after the advertising on tv shows about it. But anyway. A great classic of celine's .. one of the first songs I ever listened to when I was little Smile

I love this song it was one of the first songs of Celine's that I ever listened to and I loved it and I still do and I love the video as well Laughing out loud
Love you forever Celine Laughing out loud
And I do believe we will get to see the music video for incredible eventually, I just wish I knew when Smile

Such a great song and VIDEO. Too bad we'll never see the "Incredible" video... Sad