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2014/01/05 4:00AM Canada (English)

On this day, in 2000, Celine and René renewed their wedding vows in a traditional Melkite Byzantine ceremony five years after their wedding in Montreal, Quebec. The vow renewal took place at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and reflected René's Lebanese and Syrian origins by incorporating many Middle Eastern cultural symbols such as dance and costumes.

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Desejo para Celine e René os meus mais profundos e sinceros votos de felicidade! Parabéns pelos seus 19 anos de casamento o qual está sendo alimentado com muito amor e carinho entre os dois. Deus, abençoe- os sempre! Amém.

When somebody loves somebody,
that's the way it's supposed to be.

I just want to say, we Arabs stopped dressing like this a few hundred years ago, and we don't ride camels either and we definitely do not bring them to our weddings Tongue

~ @MuhaMasoud

Oh wow!
Celine looks great in this photo - Love love love the golden dress and those fab earrings!!

[color=black][i] "Love Can Move Mountains"[/i][/color]

I love you Celine Smile
You and Rene are the most romantic couple I know Laughing out loud
Congrats for the long time relationship Laughing out loud 19 amazing years Laughing out loud
God Bless you both Laughing out loud!!!!!

h| Celine

many thanks for all the love you show in your l|fe & in your music xxxxxxxx Merc| xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx P|PeR

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D E Crispin

The most compatible, full of love and the longest marriage in show-business.
Wonderful. ♥

I Love You Celine And I'm Proud Of It!