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2013/05/07 3:00AM Canada (English)
On this day, in 1997, the hit single "All By Myself" featured on Celine's highly successful album 'Falling into You' is certified Gold in the United-States. Years later this song remains a fan favorite and Celine still performs it beautifully during her Las Vegas show.

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Hello Campgirl5,

Celine's Las Vegas show engagement will continue for several years; however, her schedule past September 1, 2013 has not yet been determined. Whenever future show dates are announced, we'll post them on our website. You can find all show dates on our 'Return to Las Vegas' page.


Awesome song!!! By the way... I am trying to book a surprise trip as a birthday gift for a friend but can't find any dates after Sept 1 for your performance.. How do I find out the schedule?? I would like to go the weekend of Sept 20th..I need to book ASAP and seeing you is why we are going!! Thanks!! (:

The best song for Celine because of the high note.Thank you!!!!

Este tema es uno de mis tantos favoritos de "Celine" me encanta!! Saluditos desde Uruguay!!!!

This Song is soooooo beautiful and awesome, it's one of her most amazing Songs !!
When Céline sings "All by myself" she really touch my heart, and I always get goosebumbs *____*

I love this song, so wonderful, so amazing <3

Initially I only loved the high note of this song, but only then, growing up, I learnt to understand and appreciate the lyrics of this song, and nowadays "all by myself" is absoloutely one of my favourite songs!! Love it so much!

Celine I love you! You are the best singer in the world! ♥♥♥

"Your loved me back to life from the coma, the wait it's over..."

I love this song and i cant wait to hear her sing it live in Las Vegas when i go on June 19th Smile SO HAPPY!!!!! And im exicted to hear that this happen on this day because may 7th is a very special day for me!!!!! last year on this exact day is when Celine became a big inspiration for me and had turned my life around! a few years before i was in love with her song my heart will go on and the movie titanic and just last year during my 8th grade softball season i was having a rough time getting through the season! softball is my passion its something i love to do and i've been doing it since i was a little girl, just like Celine but with her singing career, but last year was very hard for me. i wasnt getting the playing time i thought i diserved even when i worked so hard during practice. every day i was praying for a new day and that i would get my chance to play but as always i just had to sit there and watch as everyone else was having fun, trying to hold back the tears, at least until i got home and when i would get home i would burst into tears unable to figure out y all this is happing and even today i still dont know, and finally one day i just wanted to quit and be done. but then on this day at that time i had started listening to more of Celine's songs and theres one song that literally changed my life, A New Day Has Come! and now because of the person and inspiration she is and because of her inspirating songs i finnished the season strong and decided to take another chance at it and im glad i did because now im living my dream thanks to you Celine and your songs!
Je t'aime pour toujour Celine
I love you for always Celine:)!!!!!

Je T'aime Pour Toujour Celine
I Love You For Always Celine Smile!!!!!

Great song! I adore the high note<3<3<3