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2013/02/06 4:00AM Canada (English)

On this day, in 2006, Celine's original wax statue at the famous Grévin Museum in Paris was unveiled during a special event at the Museum's theatre. Among the special guests who attended the unveiling were Michel Drucker and Charles Aznavour. Check out photos from the ceremony in the Photos section.

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Dear TeamCeline Members,

We understand you've been waiting to hear news regarding the release of Celine's English language album. Many of you have come to the official website looking for further details following information that has been circulating on the internet. Out of respect for everyone involved, CelineDion.com does not post information that is not yet confirmed. Once confirmed information is available, we will post it on the site. We thank you all once again for your continued patience and support.


I'm kind of speechless right now...hmm.. What is there to say. Oh well, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. So, ten years ago today I was fourteen, oh and my friend Kat, she plays piano, though not as much as back then. Since we're in the spirit of sharing these days lol. ^_^

Looking forward to the news tomorrow:
BREAKING NEWS: We are excited to announce that Celine's brand new English language album will be released on December 25th, 2013! The album has been completed since last October, but we are waiting for the PERFECT time to release the album - and what better date to release it than on Christmas Day when all stores are closed? We cannot wait for you to hear what Celine has come up with on what will surely be the most talked about album of 2013!

i wonder whats going to be tomorrow's news...

the album being postponed again to fall 2013 is a big deal, they can't just ignore it

Sad is the only word to describe that fact, that we, the fans, have asked for news, while Team Celine has said there was no news and then La Presse says today the album is pushed back AGAIN to the fall.


As much as its disappointing that the album might be delayed , it's the not being updated anymore and finding out through other media sources about what's going on before the official site announces it that's more frustrating!
And as much as I'm annoyed as a fan about this ,I'm annoyed for Celine and René because I would think they would want TeamCeline running alot more smoothly than it is!
I think since the site became free things have gone downhill in the communications side of things!
As far as I know it's the record label running the site so maybe they are to blame for lack of communication!
I said it on my last post about setting up a twitter for Celine and reaching out that way.
Also I think alot of fans would be happy to pay for Team Celine if it meant going back to a fan club that actually works, there could be different membership packages with different price ranges to suit everyone etc
I don't know if our posts will ever get the attention of Celine and René , but if so please think of an overhaul of the official site / fan club to coincide with the new album when it's ready to be released.
I can't wait to hear new music but if I have to wait until fall , I know it will be worth wait, and this gives us more time to enjoy the wonderful Sans Attendre for longer.
I hope tomorrow on what's goin on, we get something that we don't already know , or that isn't already reported on twitter 2 days before ... Some actual news or update would be nice... for a change.
Rant over!
Celine fan always xxx

I remember hearing about this, I was like 9 at the time and I was researching wax statues, just so happened that it was around this time and this story popped up Xxx

Katy Holmes Trust (katyholmestrust.co.uk) #katyholmes

Wonderful statue Smile <3

They did a great job! I Love You sooo much!!! <3

Elle <3

Love you Celine<3

What happened with "The Collector's Series" album? Was the collection cancelled, or will Sony release "volume 2" some day?

Hush now... I see a light in the sky! A New Day Will Come