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2013/01/29 4:00AM Canada (English)

On this day, in 1983, Celine made her very first television appearance in France. She sang her intense ballad "D'amour ou d'amitié" live on the popular variety show 'Champs Élysées' hosted by famous journalist and TV host Michel Drucker. This song is featured on her album ‘On ne change pas’.

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".. the best album possible"

I hope that it is as best as the previous albums (ex. Let's Talk About Love & Falling Into You)

Dear TeamCeline Members,

We know you’ve been patiently waiting for updates on the release of Celine’s English language album. As details are confirmed, we’ll certainly share them with you on www.CelineDion.com. Everyone is working hard to ensure the best album possible. We thank you for your continued patience and look forward to a great album!

Dear team Celine,

WHERE'S THE NEW SINGLE ? For the English album , that I HOPE will be released this year , come on!
We need news from the New CD , not to know that a long, looong time ago she did her very first TV appearance..

when the new CD will be released, the singles , the videos ? THIS is what we need to know.. Wink

Tiago Fragoso

Waiting patiently for some news of the new english album. Any official news would be great after the postponement from last year. A new year and hopefully some breaking news!!

Hi Team Celine,
As a member, I have to tell you what a great job you are doing with the release of Sans Attendre. It is truly a magnificent album. However, I must add that we have heard absolutely NOTHING of substance for the new english album. I was wondering if there was any news in the works for sometime in the near future. We Celine fans around the world are dying for news about the new english album. We are just SO EXCITED for a new album. Any news would be greatly appreciated.

rkyes and the members of the celinedionforum.


Hope everyone here have a blast 2013 so far.
I yearn to hear any latest news related to the English album.
We are proud of Sans Attendre and we are hoping that the English album will do the same justice.
While waiting for the new English single, please release new single from Sans Attendre.
There are many extraordinary songs to be release such as Attendre.
Please give a chance to Attendre to shine.
I believe this song can match the success of PQTME.
I am hoping that my dream will come true.

Lurve always…

This is indeed a beautiful song! .....

I agree with all the other fans who have commented here and I, too, am so anxious for any news at all of the upcoming English album......all of the fans have been so patient for the past few months since the release of the amazing "Sans Attendre". I don't even speak French all that well and don't understand much of what she sings but I have been listening to this gorgeous album every day with Celine's beautiful voice! This album has been promoted so well with amazing tv specials, interviews and magazine articles.

Please Celinedion.com give us some news, any news of the English album!!! When will the 1st single be released??? When is the release date - approximately - for the album? Can you give us a date when there will be more news? Is the album nearly finished? What will it be called?......anything at all would be so much appreciated......


I agree it's about time for news about the upcoming album. What is the name of the album for example? Is it still water and a flame? And will we still get the Vegas songs on it ( which I do not hope) or is the album a complete brandnew concept? And I also agree the promotion for the French album has been quite extensive and I hope you will do the same with the English album.

Could you please give a little tidbit of information regarding the new English cd? Anything would be greatly appreciated! Smile Sans Attendre was so wonderful and I am hoping for the same with Water and A Flame. Thank you very much!

How can you not love this woman!
"la vie n'a pas besoin d'être parfaite pour être merveilleuse"

I love "D'amour ou d'amitié", this song is a french classic.

I agree, I think the new single in English should have been released.

"Parle À Mon Père" was released four months before the release of "Sans attendre"!

Team Celine,

I absolutely agree with all the fans who posted their messages today. I guess it is high time for you to fill us in on some of the details regarding this new English record (at least the ones you are sure of). Isn't the month of April just around the corner? Many fans from celinedionforum.com (I am myself one of the members) believed that while Celine is off Vegas these days, information about her next project would gradually start coming in. I hope this is exactly what will happen soon.

Honestly, this is getting more and more strange that there is virtually no update concerning the release of the upcoming English album (I mean no final release date, no information about the first single and video clip or its overall musical style, just some random song titles which were hinted long time ago). I know that preparing the album and releasing it globally can be a time-consuming task, but come on, we don't even know if the title "Water and a Flame" has been retained or changed to another one (it was once claimed that several options for the album title existed). It should have already been decided (hopefully) so what's stopping you from revealing that specific information? Feel free to do it!

We simply cannot wait to have some confirmed information we could hold on to while waiting for the album to eventually reach our hands. I know you must realize that we are hungry for more from our "Anglophone" Celine (it's already been more than 5 years after all).

So far, you have done a pretty good job handling the release and promotion of "Sans Attendre". The fans, on the other hand, showed great support and loyalty to Celine, which led to a huge success of the latest French album. I hope the history will repeat itself soon with the upcoming English record.

Please do not hesitate to keep us posted on the latest news regarding this new English album. We will appreciate every effort on your part as long as it aims at improving communication with Celine's fans.

Take care,


Just 2 things, TeamCeline:

1) Are you going to let the big success of Sans Attendre die, now that Céline captivated her french public again (something she didn't achieve since 2003)? Please A NEW THIRD SINGLE is needed right now, Le Miracle stage is over.

2) WHEN are you going to post news about the english album, that you said it is due this spring? We're almost in february and we have not hear a single word about it.

thank you! Smile

Hush now... I see a light in the sky! A New Day Will Come

I too agree that we really need some news regarding the English album. It's February this week and there has been no news at all. Anything would be nice at this point--date-first single. The handling of this has been somewhat dissapointmenting. The latest news we had was that the album had been postponed from Octobre 2012 to March/ April 2013. With the release of Sans Attendre we already had some info like 3 months before the release and we knew a few promotional dates as well. I was hoping, since this is an international interesting album (not only for the French market) we would know some info by now, since March / April is in about 2 months.

Thank you for listening


Elle est mon idéal, la plug grand étoile

I too agree that we really need some news regarding the English album. It's February this week and there has been no news at all. We're kindly asking for some attention given to the fans who have for so long supported Celine. Anything would be nice at this point--date-first single. The handling of this has been somewhat dissapointmenting.

I as well would like to hear something about the new English album. I think you owe this to us fans because of the way the postponement was handled last year. (telling us it was postponed at the last minute, and only because there were sooo many negative comments around that time). Please tell us a tracklist, release date, album title,.....something. Please

Hi Team Celine!

We Celine fans are very excitied and interested in this new upcoming English album. Could you please give us some details on the estimated release date, the release date of the first single or the concept of this new album?

Kind regards from all members of celinedionforum.com !!

Could you please give us some information about the upcoming English album?
We've been waiting for this album for soooo long, any details concerning it would be greatly appreciated.

I guess it's just about time we got to know the album's tracklist, front cover, the list of producers and songwriters, or anything like that.

Come on Team Celine, we're counting on you !!!

Its February in 2 days! Can we get some updates on the upcoming English album!? Its been forever!! The album was supposed to be released 3 months ago! (and that was like the 2nd or 3rd postponed release date)

I love this song! Wink