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2014/07/19 3:00AM Canada (English)

on July 1996, Celine inspired millions around the world when she performed "The Power Of The Dream" at the opening ceremonies for the XXVI Summer Olympics in Atlanta, USA. Former American President Bill Clinton had insisted that Celine be the one to perform this very special song. Celine's captivating performance was later included on her 'The Collectors Series Volume One' album.

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@Maye1215 Welcome!!!

I really love this song... very inspiring. glad to be part of this website and team celine.. yepppey! Welcome, me. I love Celine Dion all the way from the Phils. Smile waiting for the right time to meet her.. God bless you, Ms. Celine Smile

Aah, I remember watching this performance! This song is so beautiful! I love it!
Bummer @Leah about your DVD. I didn't know they put the Boston performances on there. I wonder why they did that. I hear you about wanting to see new performances..it's always so exciting!!

I LOVE this song, it's perfect!! Smile

I heard something about that Céline is doing rehearsals for this song plus for I Surrender for Vegas, is this true??
And btw I got my Céline Dion Foundation cup and bracelet yesterday at the Céline Boutique along with my Céline, La Tournee Mondiale Taking Chances Le Spectacle DVD/CD, and when I watched it I loved it it but there was something about it that I found disappointing Sad it turns out that all of the English performances she sang (except for My Love and the end of MHWGO) were pulled from the Live in Boston DVD Sad they're the exact same... the audience and everything I mean don't get me wrong I LOVE her performances from Boston but I'm ready to hear and see more live performances instead of just half while the other half has been pulled from something I already have, and I just wish I new why this is, because I found some videos on YouTube of the real footage that fans took of these English songs from this very concert and they sounded amazing and looked/sounded different from the ones on the Montreal DVD
but over all I think this DVD and CD is AMAZING and I love them a lot Laughing out loud
I just wish it was the real footage of the English performances rather than it being the ones from Boston Smile
Has anyone else noticed this??
I'm just curious to know why this is like this, is all Smile

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