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2014/03/15 3:00AM Canada (English)

On this day in 2011, Celine made her triumphant return to the stage at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, five short months after having given birth to twin boys and with only a few weeks of rehearsal time. Many fans celebrated her return by attending the premiere. Since then, Celine and her orchestra of 31 musicians have been entertaining the audiences with an incredible and unforgettable show. Tickets for performances to August 31st are on sale. For those who have seen Celine in Las Vegas, what was your favourite moment of the show?

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Everything is amazing! With my wife we went to the shows of 9, 11 and 12 March. Relmente is to congratulate both Celine and musicians, the sound engineer, illuminator, etc..
We left a few gifts, including a CD of tango and a letter. I hope that you received.
We hope to return soon. We are from Argentina and we are very far!

I bought tickets for March 11 2014 as a 30th wedding anniversary gift for my husband. The moment that stood out for me was when Celine came down the aisle and stopped by my husband, his. Face was a picture, I only wish I could have taken one, never mind the memory is with me. Thank you Celine for a fantastic night you are a star. Xx xx

I wish i could catch one, one, only one, of her show there in Vegas. I live in Indonesia, and that chance i think never come to me :'(

I had hoped that someday in my life, i could meet Celine, see her concert. Even only once in my life. That's my dream, and I always pray in my own region to Allah may give me a chance to meet and greet with Celine Dion, see her concert. Amin.

Celine, you're such an inspiration to me. No matter what, I will always be your huge fans.

I'm Kurniawan (20). Regards and love from Indonesia. <3 <3 <3 <3

For me it was very similar to what Leah describes in the first part of her comment. When Céline stepped on stage during the opening of the show, it was the first time that I ever saw her right in front of me and it almost stopped my breath! I couldn't believe it was for real and it's still hard to believe when I think back to this moment. I enjoyed the whole show and it was also one of the best moments in my life (the best moments were at her concert in Paris and the day after when I met her and got her autograph).
My favourite moments in the Las Vegas show were "Mr. Paganini", the famous note from "All By Myself", "Rolling in the Deep" (great cover!) and "Ne me quitte pas". I loved how she manages to convey the message of this song even though most of the people in the audience can not understand French. But the most special moment of the show was during "Because You Loved Me" when she looked straight at me and my friend for a few seconds. She must have seen our t-shirts with the title of this song on it Smile

Visit Asia more often Celine

My husband bought tickets for the Show on march 11, 2014 as a 5th yr wedding anniversary present ( he is such a sweet person). I loved the entire show but the special moments were the ones in which Celine's voice skills reached wonderfull notes such as: 1) during all by myself when the orchestra stops and you can only hear her voice ( I closed my eyes so that I could forget for a moment the lights and great scenario and concentrate only to hear her sing) 2) during Mr Paganini: what a wonderfull way to sing; 3) when she sang her new song incredible, 4) ne me quite pas: tremendous performance, she was able to transmit the emotions of that song in a way I will always remember. I was so flabergasted that the next day (Wed, march 12) at around 5pm we decided to run back to our hotel after having spent our day enjoying the city in order to get ready and go to ceasars palace to see if we were lucky enough to be able to find tickets to the show that day. Can anybody believe that we found tickets in section 3, front orchestra, row H, seats 301 and 302? That day, the second day we saw the show, Celine shook my hand as she did the duet with herself and stoped briefly to sing in front of us as I waved at her and said hello. That was surreal for me. My husband keeps saying that was meant to be.

Coming from the Dominican Republic to Vegas and be able to have such an amazing experience was so formidable.

Celine, you are my favourite singer since I was a little girl and heard you sing beauty and the beast for the first time. I had been dreaming to see you perform live for quite some time and I thank God I saw you, shook your hand briefly.

I could only dream now for a meet and greet...what can I do to be able to meet and greet?

Kind regards,
Rosa Romero
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

I've seen Celines show 6 times, so each show has given me different memories of a lifetime...I attend 2 shows each trip out to Vegas... the first time in April 2011 my first favorite moment was when the curtain opened & there was Celine and as soon as she sang "so now I come to you with open arms" and the curtain dropped at the same time my emotions took over I cried uncontrollably... it took a lot for me to make that trip & the second night when she came down the isle and she stopped in isle JJ where I was sitting and faced me & I told her she was beautiful & I loved her" & she smiled at me at hit her chest...I also met Rene & Patrick...it was an amazing trip for me...it took 3 trips to see her to finally reach out to her both nights & Celine took my hand both nights and of course hearing "My heart will go on" because it's the last song my mom heard before she passed away, watching Celine perform at the academy awards from my moms hospital room...Celine singing that song on March 23, 1998 & my moms passing the next morning My heart will forever be linked to both of them through that song..."Thank You" Celine!!!!!!

For me its hard to get to go to las vegas and I wish I could of , but hopefully next year I can and I mite be as well , you are such an amazing woman Celine you have accomplished a lot in your life and there has been tough times through it but you didn't let that hold you back or get you down you are a strong woman and to accomplished what you have is simple incredible you deserve everything you are such an inspirational woman I love you celine and I really hope I am able to come see your amazing show in las vegas Laughing out loud :D Laughing out loud it took so much strength to accomplish what you have I love you Celine always

Your N1 fan ❤ UK, I love you Celine always . Zaynah ❤

Celine my love <3 <3

Many Kisses From Georgia

"Where Does My Heart Beat Now" is a major highlight in this show when she is surrounded by screens showing pictures and clips throughout her career.
But NOTHING beats the night when she stopped and shook my hand during "How Do You Keep the Music Playing?" Smile What a moment!

When I went (on June 19 2013) my favorite moments were when at the beginning of the show when when they played the video then the curtains opened and I saw Celine Dion standing there right infront of me, for the first time ever in my life!!!! I cried!!!!! our seets were in section 3 8 rows back so we were pretty close, then I loved when she sang the reason because she was standing right in front of us literally the whole time and when I waved at her it looked like she smiled back at me!!!!!! Laughing out loud I loved when she came down the aisle and sang how do you keep the music playing with her self and how she would talk to us after word, saying "I don't know how he lives with her" or something like "that girl cannot stop talking, she always wants to go eat somewhere after the show" Celine was so funny she made us feel loved that night!!!!! Then I loved when she sang at seventeen and Ne me quitte pas!!! They both were such emotional songs for her which touched my heart deeply when she sang them!!!!! Then for all by myself, my heart was pounding the whole time!!! Just waiting for those big notes at the end and when she hit them I stood up and gave her a standing ovation!!!!! I also loved when she sang love can move mountains and river deep mountain high because she makes us stand up and dance with her Laughing out loud and then of course the best part of the show, when she sang my heart will go on!!! It was the very first song of Celine's I ever learned and it was also what made me a fan!!!! So to hear her sing this song live was a very emotional and amazing moment for me!!!!! Especially knowing the fact that she sang that song with with more emotion than any other song because she knew how much we all love that song!!! And also I had an amazing privlage of meeting Rene before the show while waiting to go into the colosseum!!!! The whole show was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! Laughing out loud Thank you so much Celine for making that night the best one of my life and I can't wait to do it all again someday!!!!!
I love you so much Celine and Thank You so much for everything!!!!! Laughing out loud

For me it was quite difficult to manage to see Céline's show. After a couple of years hoping to somehow make it there some day the moment had finally come and I sat in the front section of the colloseum. Smile Of course I was very excited because I knew that it would be breathtaking. Then the impossible happened.
A nice assistant of Céline came to me and handed over an autograph. Laughing out loud My reaction was so weird because I was under shock and couldn't believe what had happened. This was what made everything more than perfect. Smile Now the autograph is hanging on my wall and it's my whole pride.
The show itself was outstanding of course and when Céline sang "Goldfinger", pointed into the audience at the end of the song and coincidentially pointed at me nothing and nobody could have destroyed that feelings I had back then and still have whenever I remember the moment.
The dropping curtain and "where does my heart beat now" were outstanding as well.
I will remember this for the rest of my life. Laughing out loud

My fav Moment was as Celine walked down the aisle and sang with 'herself'.