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2014/03/07 4:00AM Canada (English)

On March 7, 1991, Celine made her debut television acting performance in the Quebec television mini-series “Des fleurs sur la neige”. Celine played the leading role of ‘Élisa T’, a young girl mistreated by her parents for 16 years. Part 1 of this moving, true-story mini-series based on book of the same name, premiered on this day on the network Radio-Canada in Quebec. Who has watched the movie?

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OMG!!! Shock
I cannot speak French, and even though I will learn, that movie was already too powerful I don't think I could have handled it had I understood what they were saying along with what I was already picking up on.
Celine became Élisa T, so much so I forgot it was Celine. I wanted to jump through the screen so that I could protect Élisa, show her what real love is and keep her on the right track with the right crowd.

It was hard to watch at times, but we owe it to the people really living through those situations to gain awareness and movies like this mini-series do just that.

Way to go Celine! For not being in movies, you sure picked a POWERFUL role to play and nailed it!

I am blown away right now!
I do not have the words, yet feel I could write a 10 page paper on this...incredible!

Ugh that mother!
And that sweet girl, who looked eerily like Celine, she was absolutely precious. Children really have unconditional love for their parents, rather the parents deserve it or not...
Don't even get me started on the mom's boyfriend!!!

Yup, this was definitely a film that put viewers on an emotional roller coaster

For those of you who speak French...
What was in the soup???

I watched it on YouTube about two or three years ago. I totally agree that Céline's acting was amazing! I'm sure she'll do some acting again in the future. Maybe even the Maria Callas film that she's been dreaming about...? Smile

Well, I watched it today! Although I didn't understand most of the story because of my lack of French knowledge it was still entertaining. Smile Celine's acting is amazing!!! I agree with Leah, Celine should show more of her talent on the big screen too. It is obvious that she has very good acting skills as well!!! Go on Celine give us something in the future!!! Wink Please!!!! Laughing out loud

I did about a year and a half ago but only parts of it and her acting was phenomenal Smile I wish she would have done more acting in the past and I hope she does some in the future someday Laughing out loud
In the new movie muppets most wanted, is she actually doing some acting or is she just going to make an appearance to sing?? Either way I'm still really excited to finally see her on the big screen Laughing out loud
I love you so much Celine Smile