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2014/03/03 4:00AM Canada (English)

On this day in 1991, Celine took home her very first Juno trophies! That night Celine was the recipient of two Junos: Album of the Year for 'Unison' and Female Vocalist of the Year. Celine has since won 18 more Juno Awards for a grand total of 20! Celine could be adding more Juno Awards to her collection; she’s nominated in four categories this year, including the Fan Choice Award. Don’t forget you have until March 30th to place your vote for Celine!

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Dear Celine I hope you win forever and i will vote for you forever!
I love you!

You deserved them Celine I really hope you win and I know you will win because us fans love you and I voted 5 times ❤❤❤

Your N1 fan ❤ UK, I love you Celine always . Zaynah ❤

Already voted hope she wins. Love to Rene xx

Belle32 UK fan for over 20yrs <3

I voted for her Laughing out loud I just really really hope she wins so badly she deserves it more than anyone else ever could!!!!! Laughing out loud
I love you so much Celine Smile

Me too i vote celine

I've voted for her, and so did many of my friends. I just hope she wins the Fan Choice Award this time! She's the one and only to deserve it!