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2014/02/10 4:00AM Canada (English)
On this day last year, Celine performed live at the 2013 CCTV Spring Festival Gala to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year. Celine sang “Mo Li Hua” (Jasmine Flower) in duet with Chinese soprano Song Zuying and her famous hit “My Heart Will Go On”. Relive the magical moment by watching the video!

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It was really extraordinary performance! Wink
I'm proud of Celine, she even can sing in chinese! <3

I Love You Celine And I'm Proud Of It!

Music is so universal way of communication. On average, there are only a few languages an individual is able to understand, but we are always able to understand the language of music, even if we don't understand the lyrics! Just open your heart and listen...

Magnífico ambas as performances. Uma grande apresentação de uma Diva!! Celine: o legado da música. #amopordemais #celineamelhor

Hi Celine, I have a song or two, I would love to send you. If interested, please send an email to: ackeanmusic@gmail.com Thanks, Pamela

I LOVE YOU Dear Celine!

Thank you for everything!

I love both of those performances especially the jasmine flower one Smile I've seen this performance so many times I can probably sing the whole song my self or at least most of it but I'd probably sing the words wrong Wink I cannot believe its been a year already since she did this Smile I can still remember reading the big long post that was posted on here about this Wink
I love you so much Celine Smile