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2013/09/26 3:00AM Canada (English)

In 2002, Celine was honoured with a star on La Promenade des Célébrités (Quebec Walk of Fame) in Montreal. For those who have visited Montreal, did you check-out Celine’s star when you were there?

Photo from Échos-Vedettes / Jacques Grégorio

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I went to see Celine at her Canada's Walk of Fame opening in 1999 in Toronto.
Would love to see her Star in Montreal!!
Here's a photo of Celine's Star in Toronto.

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Simply Perfect

Oops, thank you for pointing that out, goldenWizard! We added the year in the post Smile


I'm dying to go to Montreal and Quebec and walk by Celine's house she grew up in in Charlemagne Smile and maybe even walk through it if its still a store Smile that will be amazing. And I would want to see her star as well Laughing out loud!!!!! When did she get the star????? Smile

you forgot to mention which year....

I have never been to Montreal but I'm planning on going there next summer!
I'll surely check it out<3