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2013/08/19 3:00AM Canada (English)

On August 19, 2011, the second ‘Céline pour les enfants’ fundraising event, for the benefit of The Celine Dion Foundation, was held at Le Mirage Golf Club in Quebec, Canada. The event was attended by Celine and René as well as several other celebrities such as Quebec lyricist Luc Plamondon. The event raised three million dollars for The Celine Dion Foundation. The funds were raised through ticket sales to the event and from an auction held during the evening.

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No one seems to be willing to respond, sorry to bother you! Goodbye!

Celine I'm so proud of being a fan of yours!
I love you so much <3


Bonjour Céline,

Je suis fan depuis ton début. Je vivais encore à la Martinique quand je t'ai entendu pour la première fois (D'Amour et d'Amitié).
Continue et reste telle quelle !
Dieu veille sur toi et tes enfants. Tu as la bonté en toi, tu es unique et je suis très fière de tout ce que tu fais pour les plus démunis.
Maggy de Nanterre (France)

Hello Celine

I'm your fan since the beginning. I was still living in Martinique when I heard you for the first time (D'Amour and Friendship).
Continues and remains unchanged!
God watch over you and your children. You have the goodness in you, you are unique and I am very proud of all that you do for the poor.
]Maggy Nanterre (France)

Celine, it is amazing that you are helping others!

Last December, while waiting in a long checkout line I decided to buy Rod Stewart's Christmas single for £1.99... as it was written on the cover that part of the income will be donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust. You also should release a brand new Christmas single this year (at least in the UK) in support of the charity of your choice.

Celine I love you <3

Many Kisses From Georgia