Dance With My Father

2014/05/17 3:00AM Canada (English)

Were you able to fill in the blanks yesterday? The missing lyrics are ‘To get my way I would run from her to him’ and ‘make me do just what my moma said’ from the song “Dance With My Father” found on Celine’s ‘Ultimate Essential Collection’ album. The song was originally recorded by Luther Vandross, who co-wrote it with Richard Marx as a tribute to his father. The song won two Grammy awards for Song of the Year and Best Male R&B Vocal Performance. Due to health reasons Luther Vandross could not attend the Grammys that evening and Celine performed “Dance With My Father” in his place accompanied by Richard Marx on the piano. What do you think of this song?

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This song is so Great!! Celine did an excellent job at the Grammys!! My father and I watched it together. Very moving!
Due to my father's ailing health, I am trying to arrange a trip for him to see Celine in concert. I bought tickets last year, but unfortunately he was hospitalized and couldn't go. Wish wish is to fly out to Vegas to see Celine. I hope I can get this done!

Celine or anyone else out there I will let you know when we make it. Looking forward to July 4th, 2014. Getting ready to purchase tickets now.

I love this song so much.
When my loving father had passed away in Nov.2.2009,I listened this again and again with tears.
This song cured my sad feeling. This is a great song for me.
Thank you Celine!!!!

This performance at the Grammys was one of Céline's most amazing live performances ever! The technology failed to work and she had to perform it without her in-ear monitor, but she sang it with such a perfection and so much emotion that it gives me chills everytime I watch it. "Dance With My Father" is an amazing song and one of my favourite Céline songs!

Ryba is right!! Where is the Incredible Music Video????? Sad and I'm also wondering why you aren't telling us anything about it as well!! Please TeamCeline let us fans know more about the video we've been waiting for so long now!!!
Thank you Smile

Dear TeamCeline,

we all wonder why you are silent about the music video for Incredible. What happend to it and will it be released at all? The fans are very curious so please let us know.

Best regards

Celine sang "Dance with my father" so beautifully,,,I'm sure Luther Vandross was touched too when she performed always brings me to tears because I never got to dance with my father(dad)maybe someday in heaven... Before Celine, Luther sang it beautiful too, I was into black artist until I became a huge Celine fan...Celine has a tremendous amount of heart & soul in her voice!!!!! She appeals to all races all around the world...she's amazing that way...